September 26, 2023


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How desperate politicians plan to rig 2023 election.

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The current heated political situation in Nigeria has been attracting several opinions and analysis by individuals, stakeholders and political commentators in the country. The two past elections won by APC in 2015 and 2019 were characterized by propaganda, lies, threats of killing and eloquent speech by the current minister for information and orientation Lai Mohammed.



There are fears that some politicians are planning to use military, police and thugs to rig the incoming election. The power mongers are desperately planning to use political thugs recruited to attack INEC officials. A close reliable source told City Express News in Lagos and Abuja that the desperate presidential candidate campaigning around with his boasting language is the sponsors’ of Agberoes, from motor parks, thugs and killers squad to make sure the election won by crook and force.

“Military must tread with caution, and police must not be allow to be use to destroyed the 2023 election. The kidnappers, herdsmen, Banditry, terrorists and Islamic Jihad militants are in the pay roll of this desperate politician.

Every member of the Public, politicians ,media and political candidates should beware of this month of January and February. Herdsmen do not know the political party of APC, PDP and Labour Party candidates.

the Pshoul to hold daggers knife and dangerous weapons before facing the herdsmen, because their gun is harmless to them. They are armed with wicked charms and AK 47 .

This writer is an ECOMOG Reporter..