December 8, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Why Me God?

By Sunny Side of Life.

What a wonderful God we serve? No one rides a horse without moving his head. Voluntarily or involuntarily. (Your status in life dictates towards your peers.

I am writing about different names given to me by people who love my prolific reporting. I have never camouflage in my real character in the beginning of my journalism career. If a snake fails to show its venom, little kids will use it in tying fire wood. There are times when one defends ones capability, water does not get bitter without a cause there is a reason for everything.

Many of you may not understand my parable here, there are those who will understand. Salutes the deaf if the heaven don’t hear, the earth will hear. Your sincerely have different names in course of doing his job. Some good people and some bad people which I will like to share with you in this column. It is little by little that a bird builds its nest.

Through patience and perseverance, success can be attained. Permit me to start from 1980 my encounter with President Jerry Rawling the president of Ghana. It was a football match between Nigeria supper falcons female football team against Ghana Black Queens in Accra. After Nigeria supper falcons defeated Black Queens of Ghana by 7-0 in Abuja. The Florence Omage led Super Eagles went to Ghana and defeated Ghana by 4 zero in Accra.

It was during the first leg in Nigeria I met a beautiful lady sports journalist from Ghana, Miss Patience Mensah who gave me every information about Ghana Black Queen.

She revealed that the team captain Sackey Beta was the most dangerous among the players.

Patience Mensah took me to Ghana Union of Journalists Awards night, where President Jerry Rawling was the special Guest of honour at the awards night. I told my friend, Patience Mensah that I want to meet President Jerry Rawling. She looked at my face and asked, for what? I said to her, I want to interview him. She asked me second questions, do you know president Jerry Rawling before? I said no, she laughed at me. Are you bold enough to ask him questions? I said yes to her. She said to me, I Patience Mensah will take you there, she met with one of the security guide to president Rawling and spoke in Ghana language. The security officer went to president Jerry Rawling Chief security officer (CSO). The tall, lanky military officer said to me, who are you? I replied him, I am a journalist from Nigeria. What do you want from our president he asked? I said, I want to interview him for his great job and good leadership performance in Ghana and in Africa. He said, followed me, he went with Ghana female journalist, Patience Mensah and left me behind. Five minutes later he returned back without my lady journalist friend. Where is my friend, Patience Mensah I ask him,? he said, she is with the president, chatting with him. Immediately I got contact with president Rawling, I bowed on my tremble and greeted him. He looked at me and said, young journalist, do you want to interview me? I said oh yes our great president. Where is your pen and paper? I brought out my Tape Recorder. He said I fear Nigeria Journalist; they can promote, project your image and at this same time destroy your good image. Can you see me next time with your letter from your organization and questions to ask me? Before I could answer ,Mr. President has left me without a word from me. When I got to Lagos Nigeria, my story was written while in Ghana Titled, “I FEAR NIGERIA JOURNALISTS” – President Rawling of Ghana.” It was a covered front page story. The story was done in Ghana Hotel right in Accra. I stayed in the same Hotel with the same Nigeria football supporter club led by Dr. R. O. Oladipo.

A good sports ambassador.

Dr. Oladipo bought me drug at Togo border on our way to Nigeria. The next day, here the story already written in Accra with sensational headlined. I fear Nigeria journalist. I invited my Ghana lady journalist to Nigeria by sending money to her for transportation. When I showed my friend, Patient Mensah, a copy of the Newspaper, she said to me, you are a “controversial journalist” that was how I got the name controversial journalist.

I wrote a story about Jerry Okorodudu former Olympia boxer. “How Jerry Okorodudu turned Beggar in Nigeria”. He came back from America to Nigeria with American wife, he insulted me with dirty words ,Sunny you have not change, slim as usual? I met you like these before I travel to USA and still never change, are you not feeding well?

Two weeks later, I came out with a story titled “How Jerry Okorodudu turns Beggar in Nigeria”. After Reading the story Jerry Okorodudu came to National Stadium Surulere Lagos and assaulted me. Continuation next week.