September 26, 2023


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Edo Central: It’s my turn says Hon. Onolemheme.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Chief (Hon) Mike Onolemheme, a former Minister of works of Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a Chieftain of PDP party and candidate of Edo Central Senatorial District. A distinguished technocrat, fearless compatriot. Said, he has no time for political greed, I have to tell his best friend and course mate at the Ambrose Ali University, the bitter truth. Referring to Senator Engr. Clifford Ordia who is the same PDP party, with him and refused to stepped down for him.

Speaking to City Express News, in deep conversation Telephone Interview from Abuja based office on Monday, Hon Onolemheme, said Senator Ordia know that it is my turn to occupy the seat of Edo Central Senatorial district.

There is no argument for both PDP members to fight against one another for the same ticket. “I am the right and the next occupant of Edo Central Senatorial district seat in the National Assembly”. I don’t like the game of politics that tends to generate more heat than light. To ask the question more bluntly, whose turn to occupy the seat of Edo central senatorial district? Whose turn is it to hold the levers of power in an Edo Central where the pursuit and exercise of such power – whether for its own sake or in pursuit of PDP sake? Esan South East have served two tenure and gone.

Senator Clifford Ordia have serve two tenure, let him step down for me, “A friend in need is a friend in deed”. Why going to third term.

Third term is very risk at this time of power tussle in Edo state and Nigeria generally. “Let PDP party determines the most qualify candidate on competence, character and political philosophy. I cannot fight my friend, Senator Clifford Ordia, because power is sweet”

I will rather wait for Supreme Court judgment this week, if senator Ordia win I will simply embrace him, because PDP party is a big family. We are not fighting at all; we are only testing our popularity and political strength.

Chief Mike Onolemheme

Chief Mike Onolemheme is a very marvelous personality very illuminating and of course a complete gentle man who is never careless, flippant or in any way cheap in conversation or manner of life. Above all, no one has ever heard the amiable leader boast of the gracious gift of the art of political mathematics or the marvelous results of his political sagacity. According to him, I am going to upper chamber for good leadership. We should forget greed and concentrate on our needs as an Edo state and Nation. Hon Mike, a vibrant business man and politician of great repute. Said, He has not stop rigging bell that he is still in the race. It was because of misunderstanding between PDP party that brought all these other political boys coming out to drag power with heavy weight like us. God will help PDP to settle their difference and return back to Edo central senatorial district seat, either by me or Ordia.