September 29, 2023


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Senator Ordia: I am not distracted by criticism from political opponents.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Senator (Engineer) Clifford Ordia, Senator representing Edo Central Senatorial district said he is not in any way going to be detracted by other contestants for Edo Central Senatorial district in next month election, because of criticism and attacks on his performances.

The most humble Senator in the National Assembly stated this while answering questions on his two term general performances. He said, he has done his best for the development of Esan Land, as the record speaks for itself.

“As for me, everyone have his own opinion of performances.”

Ordia, a Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria currently serving at the 9th National Assembly, Abuja is a versatile administrator that has decades of experience and an officer in both the public and private sectors.

The handsome, tall, lanky gentleman has been a permanent feature in no just Nigeria’s mainstream but also in humanitarian philanthropic and charity works.

Senator Ordia.

Senator Ordia, has always been desirous for a better Edo Central Senatorial district and Edo state generally. He is fearless. He says, it is without giving a boot whose Ox is gored

.Expectedly, this has often gotten him going into collision with the government of the day APC the ruling party that has majority at the National Assembly.

He is intensely passionate about projects for Edo central senatorial district, which he represents at the upper chamber, National Assembly.

The task before him now in Edo central senatorial district is a daunting one. While the Edo Central has the raw talent, natural endowments and human energy it needs to harness all these gifts into the making of a prosperous state.

Senator Ordia.

He told City Express News in an exclusive interview at the National Assembly complex at Abuja, that what requires him to do now is an inclusive development and prosperity and hope for a future, that Esan land will be proud to bequeath to their children.

Ordia, a frontline career in public service as a two term senator and chairman of foreign and local debt recovering in the National Assembly that has prepared himself for the challenge of harnessing Edo central’s God-given gifts to turn around Edo central senatorial district into a beacon for Edo state, Nigeria and Dubai of Africa.

According to Engineer Ordia, his several developmental projects has to continue with his personal commitment to what is noble for the people of Esan land. With the parable of Senator Ordia, ” the annals of history according to Robert Heap are crowded with individuals who overcame discouragement and climbed from obscurity to greatness.”

This assertion could then form the solid achievements of Engineer Ordia within this space of time. In all the fields of human endeavours, he has demonstrated to all that he is a young administrative entity of no mean integrity. According to Ordia, ” I am back to complete my projects, I have put my hands on the plough and there is no going back, I love my people passionately. It is an undisputable phenomenon that all of us cannot be leaders and senator representing Edo central senatorial district all at the same time. “My people do not be in hurry”, it is an equally necessary to state that some people have to lead while others follows.”

Ordia advise those who want to ride in the mortal train as faceless passengers. My good performance will be my campaign yardstick.

Senator Ordia is storming Edo central senatorial district for final campaign in Esan land, where the battle is drawn.