September 29, 2023


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Edo Central District: Christen Omofoma waxing strong. Who will beat him?.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Labour Party (LP) Edo Central Senatorial district candidate Osereme Christen Omofoma, emerges man to beat in the 2023 election. Who is this leading candidate that want to battle for Edo Central Senatorial district?

Until a few weeks back his name and labour party was not in the front runner race. His chance in the Edo central senatorial district looked a little gloomy. The drums support for Christen Omofoma is becoming louder than before because of his underground grass root politicking and maneuvers.

LP Candidate Omofoma.

Speaking to City Express News from his campaign venue in Ubaiaja Esan South East Local Government of Edo State In an exclusive Telephone interview, Omofoma, said that he is under dog candidate that will spring surprises during the election. “Great Esan political gladiators have thrown their weight behind me. According to Labour Party candidate, “I appeal to everyone to tread carefully because power belongs to God.

We may disagree in politics that doesn’t mean we should kill ourselves. Let the good candidate win. It is not do or die affair election.

” Election is an open campaign let us do it by the rules whoever win, we shall join hands together to develop Edo central Senatorial district.

The action of Federal Government is fuelling insecurity in the land. I am out to secure Esan land and develop the long abandoned area.

Esan people should embrace technology for food sufficiency. Peter Obi will turn Nigeria around let Esan Vote for Obi and all the labour Party candidates “I am here to serve my people not to be served”. Vote Osereme Christen Omofoma for Edo central senatorial district. Esan land shall be peaceful again. I am more a doer than a talker, Esan need some one of my calibre to turn things around, he said.