September 29, 2023


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GOD is angry with Nigeria due to shedding of blood of innocents….. Prophet Kogberegbe.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

The Founder and Spiritual Leader of Holy Michael C@S Church Worldwide, Prophet Samuel Olawale Kogberegbe famous for his praying mountain in Egbe, Ikotun area of Lagos state says the genesis of most of the problems facing the country is spiritual as God is angry with Nigeria due to the daily shedding of blood of many innocent people.

Renowned Seer Prophet Kogberegbe.

Prophet Kogberegbe a renowned Seer who has been on the mountain since the beginning of 2023 fasting and praying , said ” God is angry with the nation as a result of shedding of innocent blood due to kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery, daily rituals involving human blood “.

Speaking with CityExpressNews Editor, Afolabi Oyekunle, Prophet Kogberegbe reeling out his 2003 prophecy called on Nigerians to repent from their badways of lives, sins and do the wish of God, for His mercy to reign in Nigeria.

He warned that the rate of inflation will increase as prices of goods and services will continue to be on the increase.

Speaking on the forthcoming election next month, Prophet Kogberegbe warned that politicians would do everything to get into power, as “they will result into killings of themselves. He warned those bent on causing troubles to desist from such acts.

Prophet Kogberegbe said God’s will for the nation is peace and progress and called on Nigerians not to vote due to ethnicity or religion, but vote those who will correct the ills of the past and move the nation on the path of progress and technological advancement.

Prophet Kogberegbe warned the youths not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to cause problem. He said what is germane for the country is to choose credible persons who have the fear of God to be President, Governors and Legislators irrespective of tribe, religion or creed.

Prophet Kogberegbe.

To the religious bodies in the country, Prophet Kogberegbe called on them to intensify their prayers for the country .Prophet Kogberegbe who is still on the mountain said he has been interceding yearly on the mountain for the people and Nigeria for over 3 decades.

It is amazing that all the prophecies of the Octogenerian Prophet Kogberegbe have always come to pass.