September 26, 2023


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Edo crisis fresh anxiety over Supreme Court expected judgement.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Sunny Side Diary

Governments do not answer prayers, God does. And God is not only a timer but God of time appointment. When man disappoints you, God appoints you, when two elephants fight, the bush and the grass suffer.

The political rumble between two friends in the same PDP party on collision course. Senator (Engr) Clifford Ordia, a serving senator at the current 9th National Assembly said, that he has not done yet with his assignment at the National Assembly, while his long time best friend and course mate at Edo State University, former Ambrose Ali University Chief (Dr) Mike Oziegbe Onolememen, former minister of works during president Goodluck Jonathan Government and former minister of state for defense during Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s presidency in May 2007.

Dr. Mike is seeking to succeed Senator ordia both of them are member of PDP party going for the same Edo Central senatorial district ticket who went to court to get his mandate.

PDP party.

Does PDP constitution allow members to go to court against party member? Who is greedy and selfish among the two best friends? Who is scared among the two gladiators for the incoming Supreme Court final verdict?

Senator Ordia.
Miike Onolememen

What exactly is the matter with the two political heavy weights? Do they learn from history? what exactly is responsible for this arrogance, pride, ego and I will not accept to step for my friend? What if the Supreme Court judgment disqualified the two of them in the same PDP party, who lose?. A

Mike Onolememen

According to Dr. Mike “I’m still praying for God to work in my favour” while, senator Engineer Ordia said, “I know that God can do all things to give me rightful judgment”. If the Almighty God does not give up, we should not give up. Sometimes, the Lord does not come to our aid when we can still help ourselves.

Remember, God is not looking for braggarts but servant. You do not need a long leg” all you need is A Big God. Keep a date with City Express News verdict.