September 26, 2023


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Edo Senatorial “war:” Ordia, Onolemhen hopeful as Supreme Court gives final judgement.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Counsels for both Senator Clifford Ordia and Dr Mike Onolemhen in the ongoing Election petition final judgment by the Supreme Court for Edo central senatorial district, will on Wednesday 1st February, 2023 know the fate of their candidates, the two PDP party members who have been in court.

The two counsels adopted advanced arguments on their final written addresses. Counsel for the respondent Chief Mike Onolemhen said the case is in their favour, while counsel to Senator Ordia, defendant said, his client is a history maker.

Senator Ordia.

Ordia said that, he was quite sure he is going to win the case. “A part from my contributions in both electricity light, good roads and borehole water, I also contributed in the lives of many young men and women through my many projects.”

Senator Clifford Ordia is confident the Supreme Court judgment will favour me.

He told City Express News in parable, that billionaires are afraid that their money will soon finish, but believenaires are confident that he who began a good thing will finish it. And solution finders are not complainants.

He said, you cannot continue to use the success of yesterday to judge the demand of today. Esan people need life changing, development projects that will bring progress and food on their tables. “I am a silent worker, I do not make noise.

As for Chief Mike Onolemhen, an astute politician said, he is a trusted leader, in his Edo senatorial district, who has served in various capacity in Nigeria, including minister of works in former president Goodluck Jonathan Government and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo government as a Minister of state for defense.

During my time as minister of works, I had several developmental projects to my credit, I personally intervened in the admission of thousands of youth from all part of the Edo central senatorial district, through my philanthropic and humanitarian service to humanity. According to Mike, through my generosity, kind and disposition, God will give me victory at the Supreme Court. All the others oppositions parties cannot withstand me in Edo central elections.

Chief Mike Onolemhen