September 27, 2023


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Lagos State does not belong to Tinubu….Jandor.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Lagos state is a blessed land and most peaceful state in Nigeria. Dr. Olajide Adediran popularly known as Jandor, PDP Governorship candidate has hailed the people of the state for their doggedness and unity of purpose.

Speaking to City Express News in Lagos during rally campaign at surulere last week, Dr. Jandor, a veteran and young breed politician, said its greatest asset is harmony that has been sustained over the time with no sign of slacking. Lagos people are now more wiser than before, when one person will dictate to the whole Lagosian what to do.

I was born, bread and buttered in Lagos, an original Eko Akete man. The election will be tough for both APC and PDP party in Lagos.

Olajide Adediran alias Jandor

I Olajide Adediran alias Jandor will shock Bola Tinubu and his man Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu during the election. The result will shock them beyond imagination because my supporters have showed me that they are behind me. According to Olajide Adediran, “I am not scared about BolaTinubu and his thugs, I am use to them; they all know me as one of the stubborn Omo-Eko boy.

We are ready for them “it will be a fire for fire. Dr. Jandor said, that he made a mistake to be one time ardent supporter of APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who is from Osun State. The former Lagos state Governor is a man of selfish interest and self centre, who do not cares about other people, unless he can manipulate you and remote control you. Jandor is too big for Bola Tinubu’s errand boy. We owned Lagos State and Tinubu is a stranger in Lagos and he does not have the right to tell me when to become the Governor of Lagos State.

This is my time to be the Governor of Lagos State “(EMI LOKAN) meaning it is my turn” the slogan of Tinubu. “I am determined to make the difference and fix the problem in Lagos State”. The plan and strategy to wrestle power from APC ruling party has been finalized, since the campaign started from ward to ward. I am going to use operation clean-up Lagos State. I am determined to rid the state of streets thugs, touts and Agberoes. I am not afraid of Tinubu squad, Jandor boast. The greater Lagos knows me and I know them too, he said.