September 26, 2023


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Sunny side of life: By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.


Nigeria police

I am honoured to reveal untold story of my life experienced in 2017. Have you been cheated before? Have you been betrayed before? Have you been intimidated by your friends? Have someone broke your heart before? Have someone gang-up against you before for offence committed by another person? Have you been detained in police cell for an offence committed by another person? This is my story.

What you are about to read here happened in 2017 . It is painful for me to see so many things police officers are doing wrong. Some of them are looking for money by all means and they compromised their faith and go against police law.

Whoever plans to gang-up against me will become invalid for the rest of his life, because I have a liberal mind toward my Igbo friends. The same Igbo person is supposed to be accused or suspect and the Igbo Police officers are the Jury, prosecutor. The case has not gone to the hearing stage in the court before the complainant surrender and began to confess how the Igbo gang-up against me. For me I always have immense respect for Igbo’s people before the sad incident. Any time I come across the name of Adeyemi Aina’s letter of withdrawal written to the Register magistrate court 2, Ejigbo, Lagos State. The date was 22nd may 2017, I feel like revenge against those who gang-up and connived against me for offence committed by Benjamin Alikagu-alias Igwe and Ngozi.

These conspirators, CSP Eze or Kenneth, who was the DPO of Ikotun Police Station then and ASP Agatha Eze then now SP rank, who was Divisional crime officer DCO, and one Igbo woman corporal now a sergeant ganged– up with one of my dangerous Journalist friend Mr. Chuks, a betrayal, Mr. Ifeanyi alias Bishop deceiver and the Police at Ikotun police station, after they have spoken to their Enugu sister DCO Agatha who asked her to detail me. The simple truth was that Mr. Adeyemi Aina needed a house to rent. He went to Benjamin Olikagu aka Igwe a chemist man who rented a small shop at along Awawu street, Abaranje road, Ikotun Lagos. The chemist man Benjamin (Igwe) approached me to assist him to get a room and parlour self contain apartment

. As a popular lawyer at Ikotun, and Lagos metropolis, I have a room and parlour self contain at my disposal but, a tenant, Miss Ngozi paid for it and stayed for three month at No 6, Tomijah Street at Abaranje road Ikotun, Lagos. Ngozi, was an Igbo friend, who needed apartment for both her senior sister urgently. After Ngozi lived in the house for three months she came back to me and begged me to help her for relocation to another place because, her senior sister could not assist her for the money, she used to rent the apartment because of distance from her working place. According to Ngozi, “I cannot be able to pay the rent after the expiration date.

My sister said she is no longer interested to live with me again. She was begging for the rent money, agreement and commission to be refunded back, I told Ngozi, you are someone who I value so much and I may not agreed on everything you said, but the landlord need to heard me for final decision. My client Mr. Ephaim Enin now a blessed memory was sick then. The Landlord said, only house rent can be refunded back to Ngozi. The agreement and commission cannot be refunded. I also told Ngozi to remain in the apartment till expiring date, to avoid conflict because the Landlord could not accept her demand

. The sick Landlord who has spent money for his medication could not be able raise the total money of N120,000. This open letter to Igbo’s, my apologize to one of my Mentor, friend and my Oga, Dig Azubuko J. Udah retired senior police officer and Senior lawyer, another friend, Dig Nwobodo, a retired senior police officer and a lawyer and Barr. Bright Oyebuchi my best friend.I have no intention to write against Igbo’s. Some of them are my best friends and my worst enemies. If I should go further to mention seven instances where some Igbo friends betrayed, cheated duped, blackmail and lies against me, you will; know that I have endured and tolerated some of them enough.

The main reason I never support Igbo’s presidency. If the police officers in question really want to do a clean job, do they have to leave the land lord of the house and arrested a lawyer? Why was the Igbo chemist man, Benjamin Alikagu alias Igwe, who claimed to be the house agent that collected money from the complainant? Adeyemi Aina, Why was he not arrested with Ngozi that stayed the purported house for over two months and later demanded a refund of her payment. The hater friends, who are jealous of being a journalist cum lawyer, could not succeed to articulate their evil plans, because I have a big God behind me. Ngozi got the actual money paid, N80,000 back and the landlord of the house Mr. Ephraim Enin said, I cannot pay you back N40,000 for agreement and commission.

It was Benjamin Alikagu Igwe who collected the house rent agent commission. The agreement money was N20,000 while commission was N 20,000. The complainant Adeyemi Aina, said his balance money was N60,000 instead of N 40,000. The Ikotun police station charged me (lawyer) to court of N60,000 obtained under false pretence .

Inspite my wife came to the police to paid N60,000 to the complainant but (DCO) Agatha refused to accept the money even when the complainant Adeyemi Aina said he has no interest to go to court.

Police say no, you must go to court to defend your case. Apart from first appearance in court the police investigation officer (IPO) never shown up in court again. The court prosecutor was an Igbo man too. When I went to Lagos State legal department to report the case I met the officer – in – charge, ACP Edohor . “I have appointment with destiny and prosperity that was my statement then.

After explaining the whole story to ACP Edobor, he told me not to worry, let the case go on trial. The Igbo police prosecutor discovered that his oga, ACP Edobor was not ready for compromise in court and he could change him for another neutral prosecutor, who is not an Igbo person. The prosecutor, Sergeant Stanley went to the complainant and informed him to withdraw the case from court or being a looser. My Lawyer is also an Igbo woman lawyer who was playing prank, hide and seek game with me, and I told her I want to defend myself in court, I am your colleague, a learned counsel.

Please give way you are a traitor. She was leaking my information to the complainant and the prosecutor. On 17th May 2017 the complainant, Adeyemi Aina, came to me and begged me for settlement and withdrawal the case from court. Adeyemi Aina, told me that police are the real criminal, I said, I do not want case, but Agatha DCO said no or the police charge you to court for given false information, that was the reason I accepted to go to court. The victory goes to God Almighty, these journalists were Agatha’s friends Chuks Samuel, Chukemeka Williams, princess loveline Agbonifo, all are Igbo’s, they were the people who were backing Benjamin Alikagu Igwe, the main suspect in this case, some of them wanted to write blackmail story against me in the news paper, but today, we are all friends.