September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Ordia takes campaign trips across Edo Central, records unprecedent crowds in carnival like scenes.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

There is a reason Senator Engineer Clifford Ordia’s ongoing campaigns across Edo central senatorial district have become more like a carnival festival, with people trooping out in unprecedentedly large numbers and getting lost in song and dance. His personality and record of performance, as an Engineer and administrator, Senator Ordia has approached the business of developing Esan land to his best taste.

“Edo central senatorial district should expect peace, stability and growth in Esan Land that was Senator Clifford ordia, campaign sermon.”

Senator Ordia.

. “I am not against power shift to another Esan person in other Local Government of Edo State. Last week there was a carnival when I led the campaign train. The campaign took us to Esan Central Local Government area of Edo, Irrua, Ekpoma, and Edo West of Igueben Local Government area of Edo State, with people’s expressing firm resolve to keep the senator in office. An excited Ordia remarked “our people in Irrua, Ekpoma, Irukpen and Uromi. Esan North East areas of Edo State are solidly behind me and I’m looking forward for them to vote for me again.

Campaign across, Ebele, Ujiogba Opoji, Igueben, Ekpoma, Uromi, Ewu, Ugboha, Okhesan, Ewatto, Ewohimi, Emu and Ubiaja, the headquarters of Esan South East Local Government area of Edo state. I was shock when I met ecstatic crowd at Esan South East Ubiaja.

After the Campaign, Senator Ordia told City Express News at his home town at Irrua, Edo State, that his third bid is not to fulfill his personal ambition but for the betterment of Edo Central senatorial district. He promised to repairs the damage roads; restore light to other areas where there is no light for long time, places like Emu, Ohodua, Okhuesan and some part of Ubiaja in Esan South East.

I’m going to revive notable industries own by state Government, pledging to work for the success of his third term bid. What you have seen so far small and little compared to what I’m going to do. I’m coming back to finished my project and assignment Ordia conclude.