September 29, 2023


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Senator Ordia calls on PDP members to forget differences and come together for the success of the party.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Senator (Engr) Clifford Ordia, Edo central senatorial district 2023 Election candidate has urged every member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to come together in big family for the betterment of the party.

He spoke to City Express News in an exclusive interview at the Abuja Supreme Court complex on Wednesday, after the court declared him winner in the final judgment in respect of petition by legacy PDP member, Dr. Mike Onolemhen.

All along court proceeding Senator Ordia has quietly, tactically and tactfully engage his fellow’s party man Mike Onolemhen that was always confrontational in his strategy.

Ordia said the crises and rift among PDP across board has been harmonized with the court final judgment.

Senator Clifford Ordia.

“I hope there is no more crises and faction among PDP party again, the court judgment is for the PDP not him alone. No victory no vaguest, we are all winner.”

The rift in Edo PDP can be resolved amicably. It was purely artificial and mainly interest. Normalcy has automatically returned to PDP. “I think it is important for PDP stakeholders, leaders to put ego aside, and work for the success of the party to win Edo central senatorial district,

According to Ordia, PDP party is united, powerful and co-ordinate party in Africa. He said Legacy side and Governor Godwin Obaseki side should call their followers to sheath their sword and be ready to engage at the negotiating table, conflict of interest is an integral part of the electoral process. “I am not under pressure for 2023 election.

If the PDP party can work together, we do not have any cause to be afraid of winning the presidential, and Edo central senatorial district, including all others PDP candidates.

I wouldn’t say I have any worries because everyone expect INEC to do the right thing and avoid any form of compromise.

Senator Ordia thanked Governor Godwin Obaseki for his support.