September 29, 2023


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2023 Elections, Nigerians ask to intensify prayers and vote for the best candidates.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye and Afolabi Oyekunle.

(Dr) Paul Adepoju Joseph, Province Governor, Sango/Ijoko Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Temidire Chapter province, has urged every Nigerian to keep on praying as the nation prepared to transcend to another political calendar

Speaking in an exclusive interview with City Express News after the inauguration/Induction of members of the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Temidire branch at the Redeemed people of the Lord gospel church incorporation No 7, Unity Estate Off Tarmac Road, Temidire, Sango-ota, Ogun state, The oracle of God, Dr. Paul Joseph warned the church against in-coming danger that may result to serious bloodshed before the election.

But, he said if Nigerian can fast, pray fervently and cried to the Lord with one voice, the looming disaster can be averted because our God is a merciful Lord and slow to anger and at this same time a consuming fire.

According to Bishop Joseph, God has been faithful to this nation, especially Nigeria, it is not by our doing but God favour and we can on our own way are actualizing it to fulfilled the mandate God given to us. What is happening in Nigeria today is not new to us Christians, because Bible has foretold that in the last day critical things, likes famine, war against Nation and we will have money but nothing to buy.

Christians should thank God for every thing and give glory to him, thousands will fall by our side while 10 thousand will fall by right side but God will not allow any things to touch us.

. He remarked that prayer is the master key; let us join hands together for God to intercede and to heal the land. As for the election, let us vote our choice candidates without sentiment, ethnics and religion. Go to the polling unit and vote with your conscience without collecting money to vote the wrong candidate.

Dr. Adepoju at the occasion.