September 29, 2023


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The problem with Nigeria politicians, and supporters.

Sunny side of law.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

First and foremost, I wish to state that the Nigerian constitution guarantees citizens right to association or party, hence everyone has a right to comment on public affairs by writing or by words of mouth.

Prince Sunny.

It is a valid defence in an action of defamation that the words complained of are fair comment made in good faith and without malice in a matter of public interest.

To establish this defence, the defendant must prove the following points.

  1. That the comment is fair.
  2. That your comment was based on true facts.
  3. That the comment you made was on some matter of general public interest.
  4. That the comment must be purported to be a comment under above statement
  5. Must appear on the face of it to be a comment and not a statement of facts. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between facts and comments under (3) above. The matter must be one of general public interest and not merely parochial interest.

You who is not a journalist that post any message you come across on internet against your opponent or political party you are in danger.

Dramatically, literary and politically making hate speech, The law of sedition will hold you. Government of all countries adopt measures to protect order in their communities. In doing this, laws are enacted which may adversely affect reporters in the practice of their profession.

As a human rights activist, I am always against injustice, cheating, betrayal, abuse of process and violation of human rights.

Most of these laws fall into the category of penal laws. Journalists and other citizens who contravene them often commit an offence under the law. Stop making any how comment against your opposition party. The law could hold you for sedition.