September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Ibadin offers royal blessings to Obi, calls for support.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

High Chief Retired Commissioner of Police Friday Toyin Ibadin since being appointed as the Labour Party Chairman Security committee has been talking tough.

Rtd CSP Ibadin.

The retired commissioner of Police has never hidden his love and support for Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi due to his good antecedents during his 8 years as Governor of Anambra State.

High Chief Ibadin in traditional regalia.

In the video broadcast by CP Friday Ibadin in Esan dialect, he said, Labour Party contains people of refined caliber, both old and new breed politicians who believe in the principles of the emancipation of the people.

Chief Ibadin called on the great people of Esan land, Edo state and Nigeria to join hands together to support Peter Obi and other Labour Party candidates in 2023 general election.

As a United group, Labour Party can be able to win the election. He appealed to Esan people to vote for Peter Obi, who will stand as the president of Nigeria and return the country back to the promise land. Since being appointed as the chairman security committee, Ibadin has been working relentlessly and contributing his selfless time and money to make sure Obi emerged the president of Nigeria comes 2023 election. “We will be glad that we contributed to Peter Obi’s emergence”, we need quality representation to the Edo central representatives and I have prayed a prayer for Obi to win, given the magnitude of good support and loyalty to Esan land

Many traditional rulers had given him traditional chieftaincy titles of blessing, which has been working for him, Ibadin added. As for me there will be no security threats in the country if Peter Obi is voted to power as the president. The retired CP Ibadan is also a legal practitioner, with 35 years experience in Police Service. He said their mission is possible, vote for Peter Obi and our brother Barrister Julius Abure who is the chairman of Labour Party, an Uromi man that will do good things for us if Peter Obi win.

High Chief Ibadin.

Ibadin told City Express News that he is very sure that Peter Obi will be the next president of Nigeria. “I am more doer than a talker”, Edo central senatorial district, need a man who can make a difference not a noise maker, Christen Omofoma is the best man for the job. Like wise other candidates of labour party. Let us vote for all of them to win the election.