September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

CP Yetunde Longe dedicates railway police Christian fellowship to God.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The Church is the only place you can win your battles without fighting. With God there is something better than what you are looking for.

City Express News, publisher/Editor-in-chief, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye, was on an epoch journey to Nigeria Railway Police command Ebutte-Meta, Lagos to see what a woman has done for God. Railway police Christian fellowship (R.P.C.F), is most popular church to worship in Lagos for both Police and Civilians.

CP Yetunde Longe, obviously belongs to this school of thought, that whatever a man can do, a woman can do it, even better. She has been recognized locally and internationally for her philanthropic work.

Mrs. Yetunde Longe has been touching lives and showering love to under privilege people for over a decade now. The elegant stallion commissioner of police and a wife of Osun State, Commissioner of Police, CP Francis Kehinde Longe, who is popularly known as Mummy by her friends, family and colleagues, should be seen, regarded and referred to as a mother to the police and to the Christians.

Her roles are enough to accord her this respect. CP Mrs Yetunde Longe founded many philanthropic and women empowerment programs which she set up to improve the status and earning capacity of the society, Christians women and youths.

She is a recipient of many awards including Award for Excellence from the Christian women fellowship for upholding dignity and positive projection of woman hood in our generation.

She is a humanitarian who has dedicated her life to working for the less privileged in Nigeria.

CP Yetunde Longe

In less than a year as the commissioner of Police in charge of Nigeria Railway Corporation CP Yetunde Longe is one Nigeria heroes yet to be celebrated. Building a house of God for Nigeria Police Force to worship the king of Kings was to win more souls for Christ. She met a mosque, for Muslim worship centre at Nigeria Railway without a church. She decided to find solutions for insecurity and religious intolerance by building Police Christian Fellowship to avoid crises among Muslims and Christians.

She also provide a good furnished Office for the Pastor for the Chapel. provides police post that will supervise the movement of people that visit police Railway command. Right from youth age, CP Yetunde Longe has live a life of service and offered humanitarian aid.

She always like to work for God. If you have not convert, you are not yet converted. Watch out interview . ASP Bitrus Musa, station officer/Pastor in charge of Railway Police Christian fellowship told City Express News that, CP (Mrs.) Yetunde Longe is God sent to Nigeria Railway Police Command, Lagos.

She has uncommon transformation running in her blood. Her qualitative leadership that has left so much to the envy of her contemporaries. The beauty and brain Amazon knows the right peg for right hole.

CP Yetunde Longe came on hand as a Messiah to Nigeria Railway Police Command when thing fall apart and no longer at ease.