September 27, 2023


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2023 elections: Nigerians ask to choose candidates on merit and quality programmes.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

In their contributions to ensure a smooth free elections in 2023, members of the Labour Writers Association of Nigeria (LAWAN) and the Friedrick Ebert Stiftung Nigeria Office jointly organised a pre- workshop in Lagos in which issues on elections were discussed.

Some of the participants in a photo with DG Michael Imoudu Labour Centre

In an address sent to the occasion the Director General of the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA) Mr. Adewale Oyerinde called on Nigerians to elect right people based on their manifestoes and capabilities.


He appealed to the people to ensure they get their PVC ready and vote based on proper evaluation of the candidates.

In his address the Director General Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labour Studies,Ilorin, Comrade Issa Aremu said campaigns must be based on issues and not on issues of religion, ethnicity and filmsy excuses.

The DG said Nigeria is doing well in terms of democracy, but needs more to place issues on agenda towards valuation by the electorate.

DG Michael Imoudu Labour Centre Issa Aremu

He said the Nigerian media is the true heroes of achievements of the country’s democracy considering the roles played from military era to democracy in the country.

He said despite military threats, the media stood their ground to right the wrongs of the military.

In her contributions, the Chairman Lagos State Council of Nigeria Labour Congress, Mrs. Funmi Sesse said the Congress believes the electronic system by INEC will enhance free and fair elections. She however appealed to the people not to use the interment and technology to send fake news that could affect the credibility of the election.

Meanwhile police authorities say it will ensure safety of lives and property during and after the election. Police PRO in Lagos state, Superintendent of Police Benjamin Hundeyin gave the assurance in a speech read on his behalf by DSP Chinwe Zita.

Police PRO SP Benjamin Hundeyin.

nigerian political parties.

He called on the people to eschew violence and ensure they were not used to cause violence and disruption of the society.

In his paper, Mr Fatoyimbo Ibrahim called for a people’s constitution that would reflect the true demands of the people. He called for enlightenment of the people to ensure they perform their democratic roles.

Mr. Fatoyimbo said Nigerians should be guaranteed a free and fair elections devoid of violence.

Assessing the political parties, he said they lack ideologies which could have made a great difference among them.

In his opening address, the Chairman of Labour Writers Association of Nigeria (LAWAN) Mr. Toba Agboola said the workshop was among others to assess the current political and electoral environment in the lead up to the elections. He said it was also to assess and offer recommendations to enhance citizens confidence in the process and election free elections.

Mrs Remi Iherijika of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung said it was the desire of her organization to see a free and fair election in Nigeria. She said the country could not be said to be truly democratic without its citizens having the opportunity to choose their respensatives through elections that are judged to be true and fair.

Nigerians are expected to go to polls on 25th February 2023 to choice their presidential candidate.