September 25, 2023


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Senatorial battle: Ordia will win again…. Osagie.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

As the countdown to 2023 election in few days from now, Honourable John Osagie, a chieftain of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) told City Express News at Uromi campaign rally that the Edo central senatorial district battle is already lost and won by senator Engineer Clifford Ordia. The Uromi venue did not fail to ignite with rally performance, dance song of victory everywhere chatting Senator Ordia! Senator Ordia!! is our candidate.

Gov Obaseki and Senator Ordia at the rally.

Senator Ordia is fully back to the front burner, According to Hon Osagie, it is our patriotic duty to become concerned about what is cooking in the political pot and decide what role we shall play in preparing this brother .

“Senator Ordia has come out to secure the political future of Esan Land, the commencement of the new political dispensation”.

Hon Osagie said, most of opposition candidates, APC and Labour party are ignorant, young inexperienced to be Edo Central Senatorial district Senator.

“They should go back to know more about politics in Esan land. According to Osagie, Ordia is a vibrant, a quintessential public Administrator cum politician par excellence. He has been a rare gift to our generation and have made significant contributions to the progress and development of our father land. His exemplary leadership in the last 8 years as the senator representing Edo central senatorial district has brought unprecedented progress and development to the people of Esan land and Edo state.

“He said that God Almighty will continue to protect him for his dream and vision for the 2023 elections. I pray he will win and actualize all the good dreams he have for Edo state. I am talking reality not fighting tribal hegemonies.

Ordia is the best man. Hon John Osagie, said some politicians have money but the money has not given them the power yet. Let every Edo central senatorial district support Senator Clifford Ordia for last joker card to continue where he has stopped his empowerment project for Esan land.

He is ready to sacrifice the intellectual dimension of our political participation on the altar of political expediency. It is better to trust the man we know rather than to support unknown young boys who do not know politics. In a cold democratic climate, what do we offer the politicized, power hungry rich man? Let us negotiate with these young politicians, they are spoiler.

Senator Ordia and Hon Osagie.

Gov Obaseki raising the hands of Ordia for approval of the people.

They are hungry for power , only PDP can do it, let us joins hands together to vote Senator Clifford Ordia again. In another development, Barrister Alex Aidaghese Accord Party and the Osereme Christen Omofoma, a candidate of Labour Party, told City Express News in different interview that they are going to win the election. The loudest voice was Monday Okpebholo, aka Akpakomiza , APC Party candidate.