September 29, 2023


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Tinubu must be President by force… El Rufai.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

One of the greatest mysteries of human life is the mystery of cause and effect. “Nobody knows the product like the manufacturer”. The battle of election begins again with different interest groups counting the result of election that is yet decided.

Sacred cows still at work, the crises of redesigns new naira notes and old naira is far from being over, because of the many vested interests struggling to take power by force in democratic Government.

The Governor of Kaduna state Nasiru El-rufai said, the Federal Government is malicious, vexatious and abuse of the judicial process.

APC Presidential candidate Bola Tinubu.

He further argues that the notion is not in any way necessary for the determination of Supreme Court to give order while President Muhammadu Buhari disobeys court order. El-Rufai blames President Buhari for ignoring a wise counsel to play it cool.

Furious speaking Governor, El-Rufai said President Muhammdu Buhari cannot be trusted. He thought president Buhari is going to handle power to APC presidential candidate Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu as the next President of Nigeria with the agreement made. The strongest condemnation is coming from president Buhari best friend and APC chieftain making a significant one indeed.

A very worried Governor of Kano State Umar Ganduje very close APC party has

joined his fellow Governors to critized their master by accusing him of betraying APC party. Governor El-Rufai who hitherto was believed to be nursing Presidential ambitions after Bola Tinubu four years term. A competent sources revealed to City Express News at APC Secretariat Abuja office that many Governors have been given money to go ahead and join in suing Federal Government. APC dictators are blaming the President Buhari of not keeping to earlier agreement of making Bola Tinubu the next President. Whether, he win or not, he must be the next president of Nigeria. A dictator would rather rule in hell than serve in paradise. That is military regime not a democratic Government. President Buhari has never said that he is not handling power to the winner. But, some APC party members have gang-up against APC ruling president. Forcing him to hand over power to Bola Tinubu when the election has not even held. The two Bullion vans that were discovered was the secret that no one is coming out to tell the world. One Bullion van is already in Kano State while one is positioned in Lagos State waiting for election. The master planner has lost the battle, the secret as lick out to president Buhari and Centra Bank Governor. At long last the truth has been revealed of intension of APC hording new naira notes prepared for election vote buying. The civil war that erupts in APC party five days to election. People’s Democratic Party has exposed the top secret of All Peoples Congress APC party dirty games for the election. Governor El – Rufai’s self examination has totally exposed APC to Public ridicule. EL-Rufai deserves Kudos for admitting APC failure in governance. Nothing better exposes the travails of a drowing party than blatant abuse of party manifesto. Incessant policy somersault and unpunished indiscipline and disloyalty among members. Umar Ganduje, the Governor of Kano State is been monitor by Federal Government the home state of 2nd Bullion van while the Governor of Lagos State Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu the care taker of 1st Bullion van, though the money is kept at bodilion road Ikoyi Lagos. President Muhammadu Buhari is still very shocked of Bola Tinubu much and substantial wealth, mostly of his wealth is not yet easily detectable. Many of his wealth in Nigeria there is no documentary evidence to prove this assertion and to arrest him for prosecution. Tinubu is a politician who is always ahead of others and intelligent. He has uncountable informants both in Military, Department of State Security (DSS) and Nigeria Police Force. During the APC primaries, Bola Tinubu paid 7 dollars to each delegates while the former minister of transport Chibuke Ameachi paid 4 dollars, second highest bidder, Bola Tinubu won the primaries. There was no election all the candidates stepped down for Tinubu. That is where President Buhari beginning to suspect Bola Tinubu, highest place corruption in Politics.