September 27, 2023


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NUBIFIE calls for stoppage of attacks on banks.

The National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institution Employees (NUBIFIE) has urged Nigerians to stop attacking bank facilities and workers, saying that bank workers are not the reason new naira notes are scarce.

NUBIFIE National President, Comrade Abakpa Anthony, speaking on recent attacks on banks in the country, warned that continue attack on banks and staff will force NUBIFIE to direct her members to stay away from work which will worsen situation on ground.

He maintained that bank workers are already afraid of going to work because they feel their lives are under threat by the attacks.

A Bank.

“According to him there is no possible way the CBN will release money to banks and their staff will refuse to load the ATMs with cash.

“Attacking bank facilities and their workers who work so hard to render services to the citizens is very wrong. It is wrong for anybody to believe that bankers and the facilities are the reason why there is no money in the ATMs or in the banks.”

The citizens should rather find a better way to express their grievances instead of unleashing mayhem on bank staff and facilities.”

Bank Complex

Comrade Anthony added that, “If the government hesitates any further to protect banks and our members, we may ask them to stay at home. We cannot continue going to work when our lives are not guaranteed. For somebody to go to work in fear of attack is not a situation we want to put our people into.”

“We will call for a National Executive Council meeting of our union to deliberate and make a decision in view of the current situation to ask our members to stay off work. Already a lot of critical assets of banks have been destroyed and we will not wait till our members are being killed before we take action.”

NUBIFIE president.

The NUBIFIE president called on the government to take charge and balance the situation for good because of the masses. ” “The masses are suffering. We urge the government to find a solution fast for the sake of lives and properties in the country. It is recognised that the policy will eventually be beneficial to our economy but right now, the people are suffering seriously, Comrade Anthony said.

He reiterated, “We call on Nigerians not to mete their anger on bank staff, the critical facilities of the banks nor on any other assets of the country. He warned that violent attacks will worsen the situation and sabotage the processes that will help bring the situation to normalcy. ”

” The CBN and other related government agencies should deploy all their powers and give their best to ensure that this issue does not snowball into a destructive crisis, he said.