September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

My plan is to achieve roboust political economic prosperity with Esan festival….. Ambassador Sunny Ebhojiaye.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

Speaking to City Express News in an exclusive interview in Lagos on Tuesday 28th 2023, Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye said that Esan International Festival will feature Esan Acrobatic Dance known as “Igbabonarimi”, Asologun Dance, and Ikpekpegbe Dance.

According to him there will be papers presentation by Esan political gladiators, launch of Esan Calendar, and the voice of Edo State Newspaper, Esan Peace Ambassador Awards and Life Time Achievement Awards. Esan cultural Beauty contest, and Dinner night .

The Esan International Festival will hold in Ubiaja, Township stadium, in Esan South East of Edo State, on 11th and 12th of June 2023 by 10am to 10pm.

The new lease for Edo State has come to ignite hope, peace and Unity to Edolite. It is no longer going to be political experimentation in Edo State. With the numbers of Esan political Gladiators hoping to change the mind of others Edolite candidate. The pretensions by some witch – hunt Edo south and Edo North functional leaders. These are to the glory of God of Edo central rightful Governorship candidate.

Esan speaking community in Nigeria, convener/ coordinator, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye (JP) is preparing way for Esan man to become the Governor of Edo state

. According to International Human Rights commission Activist Ebhojiaye, who is a true nationalist, a visionary and transparent public commentator, whose commitment to the Esan, Edo State project is total. In these days, when the concept of corporate Nigeria is more of the rhetoric than reality, when religion and tribe have become extremely potent tools in the pursuit of narrow agenda, when national interest is daily sacrificed on the altar of group of Esan sectional aspirations. Sunny noted that, Esan people are very skillful in arts and cultural heritage, music, dance and tourism.

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Esan has bunch of talented musicians, politicians of international repute but they refused to build their own place of origin.

Do you agree with Edo central claiming that it is their turn to produce the next Governor of Edo State? Oh yes, they have the right to say that it is their turn, especially as this time where every part of Edo State, Edo North, Edo South, has already produced their candidate in the past and the present Governor of Edo State Godwin Obaseki, who is from Edo South.

The zoning arrangement has gone to both Edo North, that produced comrade Adam’s Oshiomhole. The current Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki is from the Edo south. We must know that Esan Extraction, Edo central has been marginalized and cheated. We must be predicated on equity, and any other thing outside that is like standing a table on three legs, which is unsustainable.

If people are not saying anything because of repression and oppression, it does not mean that you are not bullying them. The United Nations peace Ambassador, said, that he believe in equity, Justice, fairness and zoning system which is done everywhere, even in Delta State.”

Esan people are never cowards and we do not hide our feeling when we are pushed to the wall.


Dr. Mike Onolememen

When is Esan international festival taking

place? The much talked about Esan international festival is slated on 11th and 12th of June, 2023 in Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State, formerly known as Agbizilo Local Government, Ubiaja. It is going to be annual event. The next year event goes to Esan Central, Irrua of Edo State.

How will you described the 2023 General Elections Results? Barrister. Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye (JP) described the presidential Elections, Governorship and senatorial elections as a sham and biggest disgrace of election ever hold in Nigeria. It was not election but selection by nepotism, tribalism, religion and false hold election. In utter disgrace to the sensibilities of Nigerians. The character Esan need to over ride other rival, Edo South, Edo North; will give Edo central the 2024 Governorship ticket. We are going to select and screen this amazing great Esan personalities listed here. Barr. Monday Eboigbe, Pastor Itua Ighodale, Hon segui’s, Ogun, Dr Johnson Odibo, senator Egnr. Clifford Ordia, Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor, Prince Andrew Lucky Eseigbe Igberaese, Wilson Ideva, Hon. Odion Okpebholo, Engr. Gideon Ikhine, Chief (CP) Friday Ibadin Rtd, Pastor Boniface Itoya, what type of Governorship candidate do Esan require? People of integrity, credible, competent, capable, tested, trusted, developmental skills, forthright candidates with good track record. We are searching for 12 Esan political gladiators, only one candidate will be selected to represent Edo Central for Governorship ticket. When do you intend to start to lobby and convince others Edo North, Edo South to support Edo central? In politics, Lobby, dialogue, Bribe, covenant, sacrifice and good relationship is allowed. We are going to keep that secret from now. June 12th 2023 in Ubiaja Township stadium. Esan South East local Government area of Edo State, we shall tell the world Esan people are best in Africa. We are going to showcase our Esan cultural dance heritage.