September 29, 2023


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The press crackdown against Chukwudi Samuel Timothy.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Sunny side of story

The Nigerian police

As I browed through some Newspapers online last week, I was virtually held bound by the photograph of Chukwudi Samuel Timothy.

Chukwudi Samuel Timothy

. I could not hold back my tears rolling down my cheeks because I find it difficult to imagine that a man that commanded such popularity and a power broker in the society can be disgraced, embarrassed and humiliated just like that.

While trying hard to weep out the tears, the man sitting next to me observed it and consoled me. He said to me weep not my brother, “God loved you so dearly” No word from me rather than, do not contend with God.

Chukwudi Samuel Timothy

“You who seek to contend with God, how strong are you? Do not put on a clerical collar, if you have no calling, if the caller has not given you a calling do not wear a collar. “God never gives you covenant without making you committed”.

The offence or crime of blackmail, defamation of characters, lies and to obtain money. Why Chukwudi Samuel Timothy, a friend of inspector general of police and president Buhari’s friend.

Why do we hate ourselves for another person achievement? Why do we kill ourselves in this world? Why do we Jealous ourselves or kill over little things? Why are we very proud of what God use to bless us? Why do we want to destroy our fellow brothers, sisters and friends? Let us add value to people’s lives than to bring them down, let us love our neighbours as ourselves

“In Bible it is called witchcraft practice”. I have handed Chukwudi Samuel Timothy, Ifeanyi Eneh alias Bishop, Supol Agatha Eze, Chief Benjamin Alikagu, Ngozi and others that gang-up against me to God, for the right judgment. Let them not have cloth to cover their shame. I have given my life to God to fight my battle. Self Acclaimed Journalist, serial blackmailer remanded in kirikiri correctional center Lagos.

Reasons why he was taken to kirikiri correctional centre for awaiting trial. It was because of his multiple crimes, and series of alleged black mail melted out against one HRH Eze Chika Nwokedi and high chief Sunny Akpoyibo, a blackmail to obtain a financial gain.

By some writers, false hood and defamatory of character is a grievous offence. All that happened to Chukwudi Timothy Samuel, is that evil that men do live with them immediately.

The same Chukwudi Timothy Samuel conspired and collaborated with Ifeanyi Eneh, alias Bishop, Supol Agatha Eze, Chief Benjamin Alikagu alias Igwe lied against me and cooked up false hood allegation against me for me to go to jail, but God pass them. God vindicated me, Ngozi and Igwe are supposed to be the prime suspects and they were not even arrested because all of them are Igbos.

Ifeanyi Eneh has collected his evil reward last year in Delta State in Robbery case. Chief Benjamin Alikagu and Supol Agatha Eze, must not go free. God must surely expose them one day.