September 29, 2023


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Ambassador Ebhojiaye urges Esan to preserve culture for unity dignity and unity.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

United Nations Peace Ambassador, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye (JP) has stressed the need for the people of the Esan ethnic nationality to preserve and promote the positive aspects of their culture to enable them command honour and dignity.

Ebhojiaye stated this at the weekend as the convener and chairman of Esan speaking community in Nigeria during the inauguration swearing ceremony of the planning committee at the CITADEL DE CONTINENTAL HOTEL, IKEJA, LAGOS.

The human rights activist lawyer noted that a people without a culture were a people without and identity, existence and future. His words: “culture is the pride of a people. A people without culture is a people without existence.”

Esan speaking community in Nigeria Executive and planning committee was inaugurated for the purpose of Esan international music festival.

According to the legal luminary and veteran journalist, Sunny Ebhojiaye the 2024 Esan Agenda is going to be a reality. According to him, Esan international music festival is aimed at ethnic cleaning for cultural heritage and political motives.

A coalition of Esan self-determination groups known as “Esan Ambassadors”, has vowed to protect Esan speaking community in Nigeria and across the country. Esan Agenda 2024 is based on equity and justice of rotational Governorship.

“2024 Esan Agenda is a quest and a fight to free from Edo North and Edo South strangle hold of some people that marginalized Esan people. “

Esan land.

However, since it takes two to tangle, Esan speaking community in Nigeria are ready to thwart every plan of Edo North and Edo South. “This is the time for Edo central to produce the next Governor of Edo State. We are only using Esan international music festival to draw support for Esan Agenda 2024. Esan’s quest for good Governance is a must and it must be done.”

The convener and chairman planning of Esan speaking Community in Nigeria described the planning committee as the best in the land. Every member is selected from Esan Local Government area of Edo central.

Esan international music festival is slated as from June 11th and June 2023 in Esan South, East Ubiaja headquarters Township stadium of Edo. It will feature, acrobatic dance, Asologun dance Musical concert, Beauty contest, launching calendar and launching of Edo State Newspaper.

2024 Governorship Polls’ is about Esan music festival and politics.

Barrister Ebhojiaye, advised the people of Esan speaking community in Nigeria to be their brother’s keeper always and to continue to use Esan cultural festival to unify the Community. The name of planning committee was released by the convener and chairman planning committee, Ambassador Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

In the closing remark by DCP Patrick Ejedawe, the Esan Peace Ambassador, described Esan people as a major unifying factor among Edo State that is the reason why Esan man should be allow to be the next Governor of Edo State 2024.

“Esan should be encouraged to take power of leadership and become the next Governor. Power is not given but is taking by whatever you have to get it.

Those members of planning committee that were absent at the inauguration ceremony are expected to be at the next meeting coming up on May 5th, 2023, at the same Esan meeting place, Citadel De Intercontinental Hotel Ikeja, Lagos, by 12 noon prompt.