September 26, 2023


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Fuel subsidy removal will trigger cost of living and make more Nigerians poorer….Says Senior Civil Servants Association.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

A refinery in the country.

The Federal government should do the needful repair the four refineries, encourage building of private refineries through incentives and plug all theft of petroleum products instead of its desire to remove fuel subsidy.

This golden advice is coming from the Secretary General of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, (ASCSN) Comrade Joshua Apebo while speaking with CityExpress News Editor, Afolabi Oyekunle in his office in Lagos.

The removal of petroleum subsidy he said, would raise the price to about 700naira from 185naira which many people would not be able to afford, thereby increasing the cost of living, and its effect would affect cost of transportation, goods and services, cost of production which invariably could lead to retrenchment of workers and unemployment.


Comrade Apebo said it is out of place for an oil producing nation like Nigeria to continue to rely on fuel importation for its domestic consumption, since with good management it can produce enough petroleum for local use and importation.

ASCSN Secretary General Joshua Apebo.

He said the policy would not only affect workers, but the generality of Nigerians, including rural dwellers and farmers who will find it difficult in transporting their harvests to the markets.

He said though the policy was inspired by the International Monetary Fund which has released 800 million dollars for pallatives to cushion the effect of the removal, the palliative would not be able to reach every Nigerian.

Mr. Apebo said the way out of the ‘wood’ is for Nigeria to have working refineries that would produce enough fuel for local consumption and jettison fuel importation once and for all.

He assured that the Senior Civil Servants Association would continue to defend the interest of workers.

Speaking on his desire for the over 5O0 thousands senior civil servants in the country, Mr. Apebo said the Association would continue to seek for local and international training and seminars that would boost their capacity.

Mr. Apebo debunk any wrangling or division in the Association as he said the former President of the Association, Bola Audu has been expelled for wrong doings and his case is against the Federal government.

“He has been expelled and the matter is in the court, all his activities are contempt of court.”