September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

End your attacks against Professor Ogbeibu, Ebhojiaye tells Emu Foundation.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

Human Rights Activist Lawyer and the Publisher of City Express News, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye (JP) has urged the peace loving people of Emu Kingdom and Emu Foundation to caution anyone fomenting attacks against Professor Tony Ogbeigbu.

Professor Ogbeibu.

He enjoined the people of Emu Kingdom to be united in correcting all ills in the Kingdom, explaining that the gossip, falsehood, and lies against Professor Ogbeigbu was not the best to pay him back for his selfless job in the Emu Foundation.

According to United Nations Peace Ambassador, Barrister Ebhojiaye, Professor Tony Ogbeigbu is a man of the people, and a clean perfect man, that has never involved in any fraudulent practice in the past.

The purported publication in the City Express News published on April 8th, 2023, titled “Conference, why Emu Annual has been postponed due to Financial Misappropriation”, The City Express News Publisher has discovered that the reported sources of News, gave the paper a fake news propaganda.

Sir, I personally believe, the reason why people envy you, is because of your track record in politics and academics. You were created to make a difference in your community.”

Barrister Ebhojiaye has warned, the group of people out that want to divide Emu Kingdom for their own selfish interest. “Do not give City Express News, any false information again. Do not set Emu Kingdom ablaze.”

He urged Professor Ogbeigbu not to abandoned Emu Foundation. You are God sent! And you have been vindicated from the fake news.

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye, who became a lawyer, by His divine Grace, appeals to the people of Emu kingdom that set up Emu Foundation to help Humanity. “There is power in your words, you can use them to mold lives or destroy it. Life and Death are in the power of the tongue, use your tongue to help Humanity, not to destroy it, to build and not to tear down.”

Do not speak out of anger against your fellow brothers. Bless people, do not curse them. Pray that God Almighty will change your enemies. Keep loving and building lives with your words.

The Emu Foundation wants the former president back, since no one has shown any interest to be the President, he added.