September 29, 2023


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MARAN award will spur us for greater achievements… Captain Ihenacho.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

MARAN president Mr Bivbere presenting the Award plaque to Captain Ihenacho.

A Former Minister of Interior and a foremost maritime operator, Captain Emmanuel Ihenacho is delightful for the award of recognition given to him and his company by the Maritime Reporters Association of Nigeria.(MARAN)

Receiving the Award, he said his company will always cherish the “Most Diversified Maritime Award” given to it by the Maritime Reporters Association of Nigeria (MARAN).

Ihenacho made this known when the President of MARAN, Mr. Godfrey Bivbere, and Secretary General of MARAN, Mr. Babajide Okeowo, paid him a courtesy visit.

He said: “It is a good reflection of what it is that we are doing and have done and where we are. We are probably the most diversified operators.”

“We started off as a shipping company, we diversified into oil trading, we became depot owners and operators, and we move down further into the downstream sector into the ownership and servicing of filling stations.

“At some point in time also, we articulated the plan to move into the midstream when we set plans in motion to build a twenty thousand barrel per day modular refinery, the plan is still in the offing because we have finished everything we needed to do with that plan.

“The availability of resources has held us back, we didn’t have the funding when we needed it, so, the plan is only suspended for the time being and it will be resuscitated at a later date.

“So, we have been ranging over the industrial horizon, doing all sorts of things, creating value for people, creating jobs, and sustaining our economy,” he said.

Maran President Mr.Godfrey Bivbere, ceased the opportunity to present the MARAN award plaque to the former minister, while commending his foresight as he transited from core shipping to other areas of operation which also falls under the maritime industry.

He expressed the hope that operators like him would be encouraged by the relevant bodies to further develop the industry.