September 29, 2023


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DIG Frank Mba, Says achievements are work of God, hardwork and tenacity of purpose.

By: Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The rising profile of deputy inspector general of police (DIG) Frank Mba is rising on a daily basis.

Excitement as D IG Frank Mba was promoted from assistant inspector general of police in less three months. The dream of every season and gallant police officer is to be inspector general of police (IGP). It was natural for all family members, friends and associates of DIG Frank Mba to gather to celebratek with him on the attainment and position of Deputy Inspector General of Police .

DIG Frank MBA.

There is no doubt that even the sky cannot limit this versatile eloquent speaker and committed senior police officer who was humble to all his senior officers and past inspector general of police .

When DIG Frank Mba took over as assistant inspector general of police at the force criminal investigation department Alagbon close, Ikoyi, Lagos three months ago, he cannot authoritatively say that he was going to be promoted to the rank of deputy inspector general within shortest period of time.

In an exclusive interview with City express news at Alagbon close Lagos office before leaving for his new office Abuja, DIG Mba said that his rapid promotion to the rank of COMMISIONER OFPOLICE (CP), AIG, ASSISTANT INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE and DEPUTY INPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE within one year was by the power of God.

i became a Deputy Inspector General of police by divine arrangement, direction and by almighty God. DIG Mba noted it was very inspiring and encouraging. God help me to achieve all my achievements in the police force.

DIG Mba is currently reaping the fruit of his labour in three consecutive promotion within a year. .

“It has not been a very easy journey, one thing that has got me to this level is hard work, commitment and being a man of irreplaceable character.”

Also integrity is very important.“MAKE YOUR WORD BOND” as they say in the Nigerian police force Discipline, tenacity of purpose and perseverance are important factors.

There can be pressure and disappointment here and there. Before, one grows in ones career, one has to stay focused. One must also keeping learning. I am still learning and studying.

Having masters degree in law is not enough for me. I focused for the next promotion, it is God that gives wealth and promotion.

No one can say what God will do next. If God says I will become the Inspector general of police it shall come to be by his power.