September 29, 2023


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Ambassador Felix and Servant Victor David.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

The General Overseer of Christ Chosen Tabernacle Deliverance Ministries, Servant Victor David and Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie, the president of creative Industry of Nigeria and also a Deliverance Minister marked 30 years of their friendship, Servant Victor David told City Express News in an exclusive interview during last Sunday service, titled “Breaking Generational Curses”.

According to servant Victor David, my dear brother and best friend, Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie, was exceptionally kind and gracious meeting him on this same pulpit of God after performing together in this same musical concert in Lagos 30 years ago.

It’s pretty amazing what has transpired in 30 years of unbroken friendship. The two friends earned accolades and encomium with most attendance testify of healing of all kind of sickness and affliction. Blind man Mr. Eze regained his sight and Mr. Friday was healed of Annas of 10 years.

Mrs. Ojo was delivered of Marine spirit or Demonic attack of Mammy Water spirit. It was the first of its kind of collaboration Deliverance and Healing revival at Christ Chosen Tabernacle Deliverance Ministries, where by two great Deliverance Ministers staged indestructible and prophetic marathon deliverance.

Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie is the General overseer of Citizens Deliverance Ministry based at Abulegba, Lagos. A musician and a Minister of God, Servant Victor David is a man of many gifts and great anointing whom God has used to deliver many lives from the shackle of darkness, a prophetic servant of God with dynamic power to lose men and women from their bondages.

He has been able to bring laughter to many whose heads have been bowed because of multiple troubles. He told City Express News and recount the blessings and effect of his calling in life and how God has been using him to liberate many souls. According to Servant Victor David, “I was frequent playing at Night club until God arrested me”. “I became a regular singer in every weekend in Night Club and promoting my music.

One day I went to Church crusade with intention to serve God and promote my music. The day I was arrested in a Night Club, the Lord showed that the spirit of God was upon me and that I should be more dedicated to his service and I also had the nudge to use that musical talent for God instead of using it in club houses. So I just surrendered my life and later became one of members of The Redeemed Christians Church of God as sanitary worker, working in toilet, cleaning every pollution.

From Redeemed to Winner Church and finally went to Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry. I believe my experience at the Night Clubs was part of God doing. “I can say that truly serving God is the best thing one can do in life.

He has blessed me because I went out as a musician and I have come back as a man of God. I have a family now and a Ministry. The passion is fully materialized and I can see where God is taking me to super stardom.

Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie is a name that rings a bell in Entertainment Music Industry in 1980s. He has a cute notch for himself in the music Entertainment Industry and is not stopping anytime soon. He has added another feather to his cap.

City Express News, Publisher Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye caught up with him for a chat at the Christ Chosen Tabernacle Deliverance Ministry where he was a guest minister. The Collaboration Ministration, deliverance and healing was like Peter and Paul of Jesus Disciples.

Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie was a gentle and interesting man with a sense of humor that gets you comfortable with someone of his caliber. During our chit-chat, he spoke about his music, family, his calling to deliverance ministry and current personal project to rescue those in creative industry, enjoy it (CEN)

.Being a Musician and a Minister of gospel of God which do you enjoy doing most? Ambassador Felix: I enjoy doing both trust me, working for God has no comparison

CEN; if you were asked to drop any one of them, which one would it be? Amb. Felix: I will not drop any one for other because, the work of God, you must sing a song and dance to praise the Lord as the spirit direct.

CEN: does your present success status amaze you? Have you ever woken up one morning and you’re like “how did I get here”?

Amb. Felix: well, sometimes I sit back and tell myself, I say God wow, Abaa, is this me? Because I know where I am coming from and where the journey started from and I know what it took to get to this point. Remembering my Music at the beginning of this journey, my first Album “WALARE”, Second Album “MR. GOODY GOODY” and Third Album “JOANA”I just sit back and amazed at the kind of accolades I get, the way people just appreciate what I do, and the love I get from the whole thing makes me say wow “

(CEN) so, you never thought you would ever be here? Amb Felix: well I had aspirations, I had dreams, I desired it, as a matter of fact, a lot of my friends were not surprised of my super stardom.

(CEN): How did you cross over from music to Gospel Ministry?. Amb. Felix: least thing I expected in my life, is to become a Pastor, healing people, caste out demonic attacks from people and testimony everywhere for what God has used me to do.

(CEN) what message do you have for your fellow musicians and those who are under creative group? Amb. Felix: God is great, nothing is impossible for God to do” let them see the face of God and become great like me.

CEN: How did you come about your new project? Amb. Felix: I got inspiration from God. What is the new project you having at present? Amb. Felix: It may interest to know that I am the president of CREATIVE INDUSTRY GROUP.

(CEN) What are the aims and objectives of creative Industry group? Amb Felix. It is an Association of creative, Entertainment Musicians, Nollywood, Actors, DeeJays, Actor Comedian and others creative Entertainments.

(CEN) what is special about the creative industry powers Limited? Amb. Felix: I am the Chief Executive officer and Managing Director (CIG). A firm into diverse business, one of which is Real Estate.

(CEN) when is your single coming out, the title of the Music “HOLY WATER”? Amb. Felix It will be out before the year, featuring Timaya and Amb. Felix Duke.