September 29, 2023


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Railway authorities move to recover all illegal occupied railway lands.

By: Afolabi Oyekunle.

The Railway Property Management Company Limited (RPMC) said it has begun a property and tenant audit to fish out and recover all illegally occupied railway lands nationwide.

RPMC is a subsidiary of the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) saddled with the responsibility of managing all lands and landed assets of the NRC.

Addressing journalists after inspecting NRC lands and properties in Gombe State, the managing director of RPMC, Timothy Zalanga, said the exercise was aimed at auditing land to ascertain the number of properties and tenants under its purview for effective management.

He said a task force had been set up by the management of the company to carry out a nationwide audit to recover lands whose records were lost over the years.


Zalanga added that the audit had not been done for a long time; hence, the exercise is being done to validate their records.

He issued a warning to those occupying railway lands and properties illegally to vacate such places.

“Railway is back to serve Nigerians, and the overall interest of Nigerian people is bigger than that of an individual.

“We, therefore, advise anybody that has built on the track or somewhere within the limit of a right of way to remove the structure because we will not sacrifice the interest of a larger majority of Nigerians on individual bias,” he said.

Zalanga also mentioned that the federal government was determined to resuscitate all railway operations nationwide.