September 26, 2023


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Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission ask to address welfare of petroleum workers.

By: Afolabi Oyekunle.

.Executives of Pengassan in Abuja have called on the Nigerian Petroleum Regulatory Commission to urgently address pressing welfare issues concerning workers in the petroleum industry, threatening to embark on industrial action if they are not quickly addressed.

In a letter addressed to the Commission by the NUPRC branch, they expressed their dissatisfaction about the Commission disregard to their complaints in resolving issues that have lingered for so long despite their letters.

Among their demands were.

  1. “PENSION NON-REMITTANCE: Contrary to the Pension Reform Act (2014), Part IV, Section (11) subsection
    3a and b, the employer shall – “…deduct at source the monthly contribution of the employee; and not
    later than 7 working days from the day employee is paid his salary remit an amount comprising the
    employee’s contribution…”. However, we have a case in the Commission whereby deductions of staff pensions are not remmitted.”

  1. NON-CONDUCIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT : Despite our repeated appeals, the work environment for staff
    have not improved since the delineation of the defunct staff of the DPR whereby we have staff without
    good allocation of office space and furniture with some staff using conference rooms for work.
    Persistent problems with office accommodation and facilities especially in Port Harcourt office where
    they go months without electricity supply or Lagos without portable water supply and air conditioning
    among other issues is significantly affecting our member’s ability to perform their duties efficiently. We
    call on Management to with immediate effect make this a top priority as this greatly hampers
    productivity and the wellbeing of our members.
  2. INSUFFICIENT WORKING TOOLS: The lack of adequate and functional working tools such as laptops,
    stationaries, paper, printer, ink etc. is adversely affecting the efficiency and productivity of our
    members. In most cases, staff use personal computers for official work because the laptops have been
    outdated, non-functional in the case where they have been allocated. This is not in-line with the global
    best practices for data security or with the vision of the Commission to ‘Be Africa’s leading Regulator’.
  3. STAFF MEDICALS: The medical facilities provided by Management are grossly inadequate as staff are
    being turned away from clinics due to non-payment of outstanding claims by the Commission. An
    instance is the compulsory biennial Periodic Medical Examination (PME) for staff which have failed to
    take place this year and also where staff spouses and dependents are turned away from the medical
    facilities on retainership with the Commission due to non-payment. This greatly exposes staff and their
    dependents to health risks which puts their health and well-being in danger
  4. OUTSTANDING PAYMENTS OF 2023 UPFRONT ALLOWANCES: We are disheartened that the 2023Upfront Allowances were paid late and only partially. The outstanding payments, intended to service loans and other deductions, have placed an additional burden on staff members, causing anguish and demoralization, especially in the face of the country’s challenging economic conditions. A,

  1. UNPAID STAFF CLAIMS: Many staff members have yet to receive their legitimate claims after spending
    their funds on discharging the Commission’s work, some submitted since last year. This is creating an
    environment of frustration and resentment for staff, and we call on Management to pay all staff claims
    with immediate effect.
  2. UNPAID STAFF ON-CALL ALLOWANCE: Staff who work extra hours or out of the office hours are entitled
    to on-call allowance, however, this allowance has not been paid since last year and this is causing
    financial and morale issues among the affected staff members. The Union is constrained to restrict
    members to only official working hours.
  3. NON-PAYMENT OF OUTSOURCED PERSONNEL: The out-sourced drivers were last paid in April, while the
    cleaners have not received payment since January 2023. This is not only unfair and cruel but is of great
    concern to the Union due to the security issue it poses. This also harms the reputation of the Commission
    and as such we call on Management to not only pay all outsourced staff outrightly without further delay
    but to also consider reviewing the outsource staff salaries/allowances in the light of the economic
    situation of the Nation today.
    Please, recall that the Union at the just concluded Q2 JCC on the 12th of July 2023 expressed strongly that these
    issues which have lingered after several discussions be closed out before the end of July 2023. Hence, the Union
    therefore puts the Management of the Commission on notice that as the month is wrapping up, if all the issues
    raised are not fully addressed satisfactorily, the Union may not be able to guarantee industrial harmony and will
    be constrained to take immediate action to express our utmost dismay, distress, and displeasure.
  4. They called on the Commission to call the Management concern to quickly address their grievances.

The letter was jointly issued by
Comrade Anya O.E
PENGASSAN Branch Chairman
Comrade (Dr.) Malah M.
Branch Secretary
Comrade Etameta G. O.
NUPENG Chairman
Comrade Atiyegoba B. M.
NUPENG Secretary