September 26, 2023


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Edo 2024 Election, Obaseki, Oshiomole, this is Esan turn says Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

A stakeholder in Edo State and Publisher of City Express News and Founder of City Express Online TV, Barrister Prince Sunny

Ebhojiaye has reminded the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, a former Edo Governor Adams Oshiomole and top politicians in the state that it is the legitimate rights of Esan people for the Governorship position come 2024.

He was speaking to Afolabi Oyekunle about the game plans for an Esan person to win Edo State Governorship Election 2024.

Ambassador, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye (JP) is the convener of Esan speaking community in Nigeria, United Esan progressive in Nigeria. His road to greatness was amazing.

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye

His best friend and mentor IGP MD Abubakar (Rtd) who was a commissioner of Police Lagos State Police Command, advised him in 2007 to capitalize on his fame to go and study law. Today it is history. His over Thirty three (33) years in Journalism career and over a decade in legal practice has earned him the position of United Nations Peace Ambassador.

Despite combining Journalism cum law practice with leadership responsibilities, his brilliant performance never waned.

Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhorjiaye (JP) was able to understand the nitty gritty of politics in Nigeria having handled various projects ranging from Local and international projects.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye rose from a humble background to where other now see him as an epitome of many virtues’, ranging from resilience to self-motivation, hard work, vision, integrity kind – heartedness and humility.

Ambassador Barrister Ebhojiaye, is a member of International Human Rights Commission based in Switzerland, Geneva, has a date with “Destiny”

The activism in him has made the boldness of a strong man, like a lion to granted interview to selected Journalists.

Excerpts: What happens after the death of Chief Tony Anineh Political dynasty? We Esan people have taken a decision that late Chief Tony Anineh Political dynasty will not die in vain. Today, there will be peaceful transition, which is about to happen. Now we are regretting and feeling the pains of Late Iyasere of Uromi Land Chief Tony Anineh.

Do you think the political dynasty of chief Tony Anineh can still bounce back? I am quite sure the dynasty will definitely bounce back by the grace of God but it is question of time. The Almighty God has said, it is Esan turn to produced the next Governor of Edo State.

How will you and Esan people fight the two giants, the past Governor Adams Oshiomole and the current Governor Godwin Obaseki? United Esan progressive and Esan speaking Community in Nigeria have been doing under ground politics. We have met some political gladiators.

As a Lawyer who studied criminal Law and Justice anybody who wants to stop Esan people will not be allowed to win the Election. It is only Esan people who can be obstacle to Edo 2024 Election. When the people of Esan land are not united to fight the common enemies we cannot go anywhere talk less of winning the 2024 Election.

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye

How many candidates have made their intention known at present? 40 candidates have shown interest and more to come.

How will you assess the candidates

We do not need a kindergarten Governor to represent Edo State.

What are you doing to reduced this numbers? We are planning state debate for the candidates to reduced the numbers:

which is your party? I do not belong to any party.

. I am a member of international observer as Human Rights Advocate

What are the criteria to select only candidates credible for Debate?

One: you must be an achiever, philanthropist and humanitarian in Edo State.You must have obtained a sound Education and good career, you must have being a Local Government Chairman, a member of Edo State House of Assembly, House of Representative, Senator, Deputy Governor and all the positions in Governance. You must have built a Political Empire in your Local Government Area, Good roads to your village, Water and Electricity Light in your Local Government Area.

A proof of evidence of scholarship to people in your locality. A man should never serve God at his convenience time Never stay content without seeking progress or development. if you do not have this requirements drop your ambition to become Edo State Governor.

It is easier to drop than to climb. If your Local Government area have produced a Governor before forget your ambition. If you involves in any looting and criminal scandal of any sort forget your ambition. If your character is questionable forget the ambition. If you do not have original certificate forget your ambition. If you have failed in your past political appointment and Government Agency forget your Ambition.

Esan we are ready to make a good choice that will be accepted by Edo State, we will make them to support Esan person for next Governor of Edo State and join us to celebrate victory.

How do you handle Adams Oshiomole and Governor, Godwin Obaseki? We are doing vision new beginning Edo Agenda. After Esan international Day Summit, with the Debate, Esan Music festival Lauching of Esan calendar, Launching Edo Voice, Newspaper and Dinner, Adams Oshiomole and Governor Godwin Obaseki will join Esan to win the Election.