September 27, 2023


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Christ Chosen Tabernacle holds annointing breaks the yoke deliverance service, as long time yokes were broken.

Servant Victor David and his highly Prophetic wife, Prophetess Vivian David.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Christ Chosen Tabernacle Deliverance Ministry, aka Solution arena held a powerful Sunday Service tagged “ANNOINTING BREAKS THE YOKE” featuring God’s Servant, Servant Victor David, the former acclaimed music super star of old Mama Youngy Fame.

The mammoth crowd congregation present at No 9 Idowu close, second plaza junction, Sango, Ota, Ogun State could not contain their excitement as they ran to the front auditorium stage from all sides screaming in applause Amen, in appreciation of the prayers by God’s Servant, Pastor Victor David.

Servant Victor David Ministered in deep, anointed praise and worship songs which left many of the worshippers speaking in different tongues.

Like the day of “PENTECOST”. The anointing service took another turn and dimension when Prophetess Mrs. Vivian David, joined her husband, with a well known praise machine tongue and music ministration, they became a powerful duo.

Jesus the Great Deliverer

The presence of God was clearly seen
and Holy Ghost felt throughout the Lord visitation. It was beautiful seeing anointing fell upon everyone. people fell under the power of anointing, jumping and crying for Jesus Christ to take over their problems.

Salvation, Deliverance granted, three days chronic headaches was silenced, 8 years yoke of barrenness shattered, two years yoke of frequent urinating cut of instantly.

Servant Victor David is committed to
anointing service that broke the yoke in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. His passion for Jesus and his spiritual fire increased tremendously throughout the service. There were instant deliverance as many years of yokes were broken.

Seen is believing as God is doing great jobs through the Hands of his annointed Pastor Victor David and his highly prophetic wife, Prophetess Vivian David.