September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Chief Ibadin in chieftaincy regalia.

It was jubilation and excitement as CP, Barrister Friday Ibadin, a retired commissioner of police takes over the leadership position in Edo Central of Labour Party (LP).

The past crises and power tussle in Labour Party is now over with Mr. Achiever taking the leadership position in Esan land of Edo State.

It was like a dream come true, when talented and gallant trained lawyer and a retired commissioner of Police was confirmed as the new leader of Labour Party in Edo Central.

The lanky, tall build versatile Lawyer has been a great grass root politician since he drop his gun as a Senior Police Officer for Politics. Friday Ibadin is a man of many talents and a great Lawyer with achievements, who said, “When you are representing a political Party, you stand up for your Party candidates. Your loyalty is to them. You protect them through good and bad, because they will do the same for you. In this interview, he talks about his present, past and future

Chief Ibadin.

You are one of the Chieftains of Labour Party (LP) that is making waves in Edo State politics, How did it happen?. CP Friday Ibadin emphatically said, hard work in life has no alternative. Many people want to gate crash in to success by force, but it does not happen that way. “I work hard for this position” I am not new in politics.

In Nigeria Police Force, we also play silent politics.

What make a person a good politician?

You must be a peace Advocate and guidance counseling in your relationship with people, by making sure your voice is heard in a good discussion in politics.

So are you planning to produce a good candidate to represent Labour Party for Edo Governorship Election? Because of the love I have for Edo State, I am scarifying my time and money to make sure Labour Party Produce the right candidate that will be accepted in Edo State. “It is our turn, for Esan people to produce the next Governor of Edo State.

Chief Ibadin

Have you serve in public service before? (I have served in Nigeria Police Force and I am still serving my Edo Central as a Labour Party Leader. I served Nigeria Police Force in various capacities both Nigeria and International Peace Mission. What have you done in your community?

I have been a community leader in Uromi, a place of my birth; of which the community witnessed a lot of tremendous development

I have received three (3) Chieftaincy holders in Esan land alone that serves as a think thank for the Esan land for the past seven years now.

How have you resolved the scandal in Labour Party concerning National Chairman Barrister Abure? It was just a coup by APC Government to destroy Labour Party not to be relevant.

what is future plans for you and Labour Party. As for me I will soar like Eagles, no stopping for me in politics. CP Ibadin applauded the LP National Chairman the courage and plans to win Edo State with Labour Party.

How do you plan to win Edo State Governorship Election with power tussle everywhere in Labour Party? My plan and Edo State Labour Party members is to achieve robust Economic prosperity with “game charger style”, unlike the other party who has nothing to offer to the people of Edo State.

Will you repeat History as you did in Nigeria Police Force when you excel in international Police Peace Mission in foreign country.

As a seasoned grass root politician and LP leader, I will never give up until Esan Produced the next Governor of Edo State in 2024. I will continue to work hard chasing my dreams with much gusto. The Labour Party strategy to win Edo State Governorship Election is already in place. LP is moving higher with Tenacity of purpose.

How were you chosen to lead senatorial constituency?

I Chief (CP) Friday Ibadin was chosen as the senatorial Edo Central leader with Tom Imafidon as the secretary and Tessy Aluede, as the woman leader in Labour Party.