September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has described the Edo North and Edo South coming out to contest for 2024 Governorship election as greedy and disheating.

Gov. OBASEKI and Deputy .

Speaking to City Express News in an
exclusive Telephone Interview from Benin City, Edo State yesterday, Obaseki described Edo State Central as the most marginalised region of the state since the time of middle West.

Godwin Obaseki.

Delta and Edo were one state before.

Edo state people should allow the Edo Central to give peace a chance and to produce the next Governor. He spoke against the backdrop by some people from Edo, South and Edo North are out to contest the election.

Those who are demanding the zoning of the Governorship to the Edo Central in 2024 as a fundamental ingredient for state unity are very right.

Governor, Godwin Obaseki who countered the marginalization stance of Edo central, Esan Extraction said the Edo North, and Edo South has produced a Governor already except Edo central.

According to Obaseki, Edo central has not produced the Governor nor Deputy Governor; unlike the Edo North and Edo South.

It is only proper
that Edo central be allowed to produce Governor Godwin Obaseki’s successor in 2024.

Governor Godwin Obaseki urged the media to support Edo Central to succeed in 2024 election. On his candidate
endorsement, Governor Obaseki said it is too early to endorse any candidate from now. “I am watching Edo Central, the man who can succeed me”.

A man who has the capacity to serve the state effectively. At this junction let us be very fair and
equitable to governed Edo State,the Heart Beat of the Nation. Edo people do not need school boy to
be the next Governor. Then you look into the history of Edo state and see how Edo south and Edo North held this position, if you are from Edo central, how will you feel about the injustice as far I am

Asked, if he will allow APC and Labour Party to succeed him? Edo State is PDP ruling state.

If Edo central people present a wrong candidate to produce the next Governor of Edo State, that will be improper, I will personally have a problem with Esan Extraction, Edo central.

As far I remain Governor or Edo State, APC party has reached its terminal point in Edo state. In a case of Labour party, there is no place for school boy to become the Governor of Edo state. We are not doing selection in 2024 in Edo State. This is the election for men and me to handle power to my successor. We want true
democracy in Edo State.

Edo state need to free from the shackles of selfmade leaders.

No godfatherism any more. Edo election will be peaceful,no internal wrangling.
The Internal crises in PDP will be resolved before the Election. Edo central this is your turn but do not present a wrong candidate to succeed me, Obaseki concluded.