September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Whereabout of our Prolific writer unknown.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The whereabouts of one of our prolific writers and editor has been a cause of concern to our editorial
board since the beginning of this year, 2023.

The last time we heard about him and his location was in Brazil. We had innocently believed that the great football administrator, a prolific writer, cum political activist was on a vacation. Sooner or later, our research confirmed our fears that the activist had escaped into exile to avoid the constant Nigeria government security harassment and fear for his life.

This development is an unfortunate constant reminder of the visionless demeanor of our leaders who would chase its finest into foreign land because of their voiceferous critic of the status quo. What could be the crime of our own amiable and
very respected editor comrade Dominic Ehimare?

He speaks truth to powers. He stands for a better egalitarian dispensation in our society Nigeria where sadly speaking, all is not well in our governmental

Comrade Ehimare stands for a better Nigeria where the dividends of democracy and our commonwealth should be enjoyed by the people who deserve a better living and we don’t think he is asking for too much.

His agitation is not novel nor could it be tied to any financial gratification. His days
as an activist dates back to his stint in the journalism school in the 80s. The Nigerian institute of Nigerian institute of
journalism in Lagos was the fertile academic ground where he cut his activism umbilical cord to the
admiration of many a students then.

His writings were poignant, his voice was an instant compass navigating issues with instant results. I could recall his attack on one of the daughters of our leaders then Miss Mope Idiagbon as she was then known, who was a student in the institute.

Her father was the most feared next in command to the military head of state, General Mohammadu Buhari. An attempt
to whisk away Comrade Ehimare by uniformed military men was highly resisted by students who threatened to take laws into their hands.

The situation was brought under control by our then Director of Nigerian Institute of journalism. Dr. Tony Nnameka who intervened and brought the matter under control.

That is the stuff that our Assistant editor is made off; fearless, upright and ever ready to engage the government and
their agencies at the risk of his freedom and life. His odyssey in the hands of the military during the 2020 endSARS is still very fresh. For several weeks, we had lost faith in his safety when his whereabouts
was unknown.


We searched all the hospitals and mortuaries in Lagos and we couldn’t find him. We
had prayed against the worst and God took control. Sooner we discovered that he was

cooling off in
detention at the behest of the Nigerian military forces in one of their barracks in an undisclosed
location. Comrade came out bruised but he was not deterred. He was resolute, unrepentant and
determined in his crusade to engage the status quo headlong. His present undoing was the Obidient
project. Characteristically, comrade had joined forces with this agitations to recreate a new political
dispensation in our country, Nigeria. Comrade Ehimare by all intents isn’t a poor man, but he frowns and revulses to see his people suffering in the midst of abundance. He has this inner discontent and perennial agitation to unburden his disaffection with societalanomie as escounced by our leaders.

Attempt to hurt or kill our editor will not be taking with kids gloves. Personalities like Comrade should not be pushed into exile. He is a nation builder that should be encouraged and rewarded
instead of being discouraged, threatened or hounded ashore. In our local parlance, our elders say it is discouraged, threatened or hounded ashore.

In our local parlance, our elders say it is a wicked hen that would eat it’s eggs that it took her pains to lay.

We are begging the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu to guarantee
the safety return of our editor back to Nigeria. Your Excellency, you are a democrat and you should be
seen to act in such light in all facets of governance.