September 27, 2023


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Ogun state government ask to reconstruct Wasinmi – Ogbere road to aid movement and economic activities.

State of Wasinmi to Ogbere road from Total Filling station

By: Afolabi Oyekunle.

A clarion call has gone to the Ogun State government to reconstruct the Wasinmi – Ogbere road From Total Filling station which is in bad taste, towards unhindered access to many towns in the area and help boost the economic value of the area.

A visit by CityExpressNews Correspondent Afolabi Oyekunle to the area shows that the almost 7kilometres road from Wasinmi to Ogbere that pass through many towns that lead to a modern railway station is in a bad situation as the road has become unpassable to light vehicles and could only be access through motorcycles.

One of several portions of the bad road.

The road which leads to many towns and many farm lands has been in the bad state for up to five years, making it difficult for farmers that dot the area to move their farm products to the town.

Thousands of people live along Wasinmi to Ogbere, Iloti and others towns bordering the standard railway station close to the area.

According to the people spoken to, they are helpless and have been living with the situation for many years, lamenting that whenever it rains they would not be able to go out, as the road is always slippery and no vehicle can pass through it.

They are calling on the Ogun State government to make it a priority to reconstruct the road and safe them from further hardship.

A resident of the area, Mr. Sobayo Michael said their only saving grace is for the Ogun State government to come to their aid and reconstruct the road as the project is beyond the people of the area or the communities.

Mr. Michael said it becomes difficult for any vehicle to pass the area, unless Okada and tippers whose drivers frequent the area daily to fetch sand.

Also speaking to CityExpressNews, Senior Apostle Ibisola Ogayemi, Leader in Charge of Cherubim and Seraphim, Mercy Pavilion whose Church is along the road appealed to the Ogun State government to come to the aid of thousands of residents, industrialists and farmers in the area.

Senior Apostle Ibisola Ogayemi

Apostle Ogayemi who is also a Barrister said the road is becoming unpassable and urge the government to do a reconstruction of it with proper drainage.

Senior Apostle Ibisola Ogayemi

He said many big farm lands are scattered in the area and their owners found it difficult to transport their harvest to the town.

Apostle Ogayemi said the reconstruction of the road will lead to the development of the area with housing estates and commercial activities.

He said it is a matter of interest that the road leads to the standard railway lines from Lagos to Ibadan. He said if constructed many people will quickly find access to the Kajola railway station which is not far from the area and the railway station wagon industry in the area.