September 29, 2023


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Shaibu is a liar, coup ploter, Governor Obaseki.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Edo State Governor, His Excellency, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, is a man not known for unnecessary
rhetoric, lies and gossipy. He is a leader of high moral character, intelligence and experience and should
be characterized by the highly prized values of honesty, integrity, fearless loyalty and respect for the
rule of law and of other people’s views, ideas, vision and skills.

Edo State Governor OBASEKI

Governor Godwin
Obaseki is a capable icon, playing multifarious roles simultaneously–competent administration,
diplomacy, defense of social justice, friendship of political acumen, business men and labour, strong
belief and commitment to the fundamental principles of accommodation of opinions.

The internal crises between Obaseki and his deputy Shaibu is a made crisis. The situation was out of
the reach of people like Governor Godwin Obaseki.

The Edo State Governor, Obaseki told City Express
News in a t elephone Interview that politics is a game meant for the serfs and never for those whose
positions are always rated with the timid souls, like Shaibu.

“It was because Deputy Governor
comrade, Philip Shaibu, have political ambition that was the reason he manipulated the youth council
election. I have to apologise to the Edo Youth Council ” His ambition and desperado to become my
successor without letting know of his selfish interest and ambition that was why things fall apart.

According to Obaseki, it is an undisputable phenomenon that all of us cannot be a Governor all at a
time. It is equally necessary to state that some people have to lead while others follow.

Some young
men and women in the status and pedestal of Governor Godwin Obaseki realize their mission to give
a purposeful leadership early in life, others never wonder if they ever have any earthly mission to fulfill.
They just ride in the mortal train as faceless passengers just like Shaibu.

“Etsako does not have a
commissioner, because my Deputy Shaibu did not send his Etsako representative. He refused to attend
our caucus meeting where important issues are discussed. Do you believe Philip Shaibu went to Abuja
National Assembly, boasting that if he cannot get the PDP ticket he knows what to do. That was a
threat by Shaibu. “I was shocked to discovered that Philip was seeking to have another speakership
candidate outside what the Governor wants”. What does that represent in Governments? “A betrayer,
Liar and coup plotter”.
The PDP in Edo State have understanding from the beginning until, Philip Shaibu turned the state to a
theater of crisis that have come from within it ranks and out of it with many of the members and other
stakeholders, always working at cross road purposes in a manner that have always undermined efforts
to win the state.

Like in times past of former Governor AdamsOshiomole, the PDP in Edo State again
ran an acrimonious campaign that was the reason why they could not upstage the APC then. The crises,
upon crises PDP find themselves are the like greedy person of Philip Shaibu.

We have decided to float
a committee of reconciliation that Edo State Government has set up to reconfigure for next year poll.
The committee’s terms of reference include critical issues like defection of members to another party,
examination to remove immediate causes of power tussle, party Constant failure at the polls and come
up with solution and appropriate recommendations, on how to arrest the drift.

According to Obaseki, Edo state is PDP from the beginning,when our founding father likes Chief
Anthony Anineh, Chief Mike Ehaholo, Chief Ambrose Ali,the former Governor of Edo State ,theLion
(Oduma) of politics in Esan land Pa Ikimi, Chief Esama of Benin kingdom,Chief Gabriel Igbenedion
will not lose PDPto any party.

Philip Shaibu can go any place to meet his godfather Adams Oshiomole
andI pray they will not succeed.
For Philip Shuaibu to say that I, Godwin Obaseki want to impeach him, that is the biggest lies from the pit of hell.

Obaseki and warring Shaibu.

If Shaibu wants to contest for Edo election, there is no need to impeach him, it is a free world. He went to court to summons the Edo State Government.When did I plan to impeach him?. A
guilty conscience fear no accusation Shaibu is the one haunting himself.