September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

DIG Mba, Alabi promotions are on merit and strategic ….. Dudu.

Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG Frank Mbah and DIG Abioud Alabi, who were promoted recently from Assistant Inspector General of Police to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) merit their promotions.

Both of them had a meteoric rise in Nigeria Police Force. The two co-compatriots have open a new chapter in the history of Nigeria Police Force.

This is the appropriate time to acknowledge and pay tribute to them while they are still serving. They have been a role models and sources of inspiration to the present and future generation to Nigeria Police Force.

In every generation, there are a few people whom had met the spirit and power of patriotism couple with wisdom and exemplary leadership qualities of DIG Frank Mbah and DIG Abioud Alabi.

They thus become the heroes in the commitment for National Security. Interestingly DIG Frank Mbah and DIG Abioud Alabi have made the difference by doing everything humanly possible to boost safety and security throughout the Federation.

DIG Mbah.

DIG Mbah is an operational brilliant and out-spoken police former image maker, force Public Relation Officer, that made Nigeria Police Force the best in English Language more polished forever

Mbah is a symbol of a dynamic and purposeful leadership for a determined eloquent speaker police force public Relation Officer extraordinary.

His reign as a Police Public Relation Officer was characterized by vicissitude of history. Yet, he still brought a lot progress to Nigeria Police Force.

As a commissioner of police in Ogun State, he demonstrated an impeccable heroism and leadership.

DIG Frank Mbah is a man of wide experience, right from ASP cadet to the international level. In the course of his career in the foreign Academic service he attended.

The apogee of his international exposure came up between when he was privileged to be in a brief colourful ceremony in the Federal Capital Abuja, Nigeria Police Force headquarters Edet House.

The new Deputy Inspector General of Police, triumphant history has shown us that some leaders are great, a few are called to greatness but many are redundant. It is therefore no gain saying the fact that Frank Mbah wants to write his name on the sands of time as one DIG Deputy Inspector General of Police who came saw and conquered and wants to stay ahead of the time.

DIG Alabi.
Dr Dudu.

Speaking to City Express News in Lagos, Alagbon Ikoyi (FCIID) few Months ago when Dr. Macpherson Dudu in company of City Express News Publisher, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye pay courtesy visit to Frank Mbah two days before Mbah was promoted to Deputy Inspector General, Dr. Dude described DIG Mbah as an astute Police Officer with humour and style, his sense of sacrifice for humanity is built on safety, peaceful co-existence and national development, from which his first dream of becoming a career ambassador emanated.


Dr. Dudu

A man with golden sweet voice and Queen English, loaded with excellent demeanour. A noticeable passion for perfection strategist, a man with greet personable disposition, charm warmth and a brilliant and articulate oratory speaker of no equal in Nigeria Police Force.

Abiodun Alabi’s elevation to Deputy Inspector of Police was due to dedication, loyalty, selfless service, and integrity a truly rare qualities to be found in the Nigeria Police Force.

DIG Alabi has a gentle look and baby face. He is a handsome, lanky, tall and flamboyant man.Since when he became the commissioner of Police, Lagos State command his popularity appeared to grown in heaps and bounds both home and abroad.

The rapid promotion by police service commission PSC made DIG Frank Mbah and Abioud Alabi stand tall among others Police Officers.

Alabi and Mbah have been described as the most Luckiest Police Officers in Nigeria Police Force.

This may be correct to some extent because their career and trajectory has been filled with surprising twists from Assistant Inspector General of Police and Deputy Inspector General of Police.

They both in less than a year earned three consecutive promotions.

For Alabi, his charismatic and pragmatic policing tactics left many jaws dropping, most especially the top hierarchy of the force.

DIG Alabi is an extremely brilliant and amazing intelligent officer that needs no supervision for practical approaches to combat crime.