September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

God has been faithful to me in all aspects of my life… CP Austin Akika.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

Commissioner of Police CP Austin Akika in charge of Administration Force criminal investigation and intelligence Department (FCIID) Annex Alagbon close Ikoyi Lagos, is a police commissioner whose leadership qualities are “uncommon” in the Nigeria Police Force.

CP Austin Akika.

His name rings a reverberating bell in the Nigeria Police Force and he makes no pretence about being very relevant to his job.

A disciplinarian to the core, CP Akika does not tolerate indolence or truancy, but encourages hard-work and honesty.

He resumes for officially duty 8am daily and closes late. He has a zero tolerance for corruption being a disciplinarian and practical police gallant officer.

CP Austin Akika is highly respected within the Nigeria Police Force. No wonder since assuming duties this year at (FCIIB) Alagbon close, Ikoyi Lagos, he has been able to transform the administration to appreciable and international height.

It is no longer as usual of carrying a case file to Assistant of Inspector General of Police (AIG) to approved only but now to handle very sensitive case of armed robbery, kidnapping and other criminals cases.

In a chat with City Express News, in his Lagos office, CP Akika maintained that the Nigeria Police Force are fully prepared to rid Nigeria of all undesirable elements.

Nigeria is more saved than before, he boasted. It is on record that the amiable, handsome and indefatigable workaholic commissioner of Police, CP Akika has never be an arm chair Police Officer as he always lead his men on operations, no matter how tasking even as his office becomes his home, due to his love and passion for police profession

.As a very humble and accessible Police Commissioner Akika has transformed the Ikeja Police College operational network, as it has now become a daily occurrence decorum into the operations. Another critical issue with CP Akika is that hehas succeeded in tackling crime since assuming duties in FCIIB Alagbon involved corruption within the Police Operatives. As far as CP Akika is concerned bail is free for all suspects.

A seasoned Police operational officer to the core. Apart from being an astute police officer, he is a socialite and a faithful Christian. He is also a philanthropist to the core with many drinking from his fountain of riches and knowledge.

On how God has been faithful to him in all aspects of his life and police career, he said he will continue to thank him (God) for this and many miracle, health, long life and more.

CP Austin Akika said it took him many years and the blessing of
Almighty God to become what he is today.
“How I became popular in Nigeria Police Force, it was because I don’t compromise,people began to shout my name up and down, praising me Omo Akika, All Glory be to God Almighty that stands by me.