September 29, 2023


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30 years of blissful marriage, it is just God… Pastor Faleke.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

Marriage is sanctify by God to be fruitful, enjoyable, and as a mark of union by a man and woman according to God dictates.

A woman leaves her parents and unify with her husband for a new life, and nobody should separate them. It behoves on the couple to understand themselves, respect themselves, share their happiness and face any challenge together.

Blissful Marriage of Love

Today many marriages do not last as the couple fail to understand that there is no perfect marriage, but a marriage of understanding for them to live together without any interruption from people.

A typical marriage that should be emulated is of Pastor Ademola Ilufoye Faleke and a highly respected woman of God, his wife, Alaba Oladunni nee Shodimu.

The marriage by the grace of God is 30years old today.

Pastor Ademola Faleke and Wife Comfort Alaba Faleke

Recounting how it all started, Pastor Faleke said they met at Abeokuta Continuing Education Center, Abeokuta as students in 1984 and the courtship lasted for nine years.

The couple wedded at ALL SAINTS ANGLICAN CHURCH OKE ITOKU, Abeokuta on Saturday 11-09-1993 while the reception took place at AKE CATHEDRAL CHURCH, ABEOKUTA.

According to him, his wife Comfort Alaba Oladunni Sodimu a native of Ìtòkú a popular settlement in Abeokuta is a very responsible, respectful, obedient and Virtuous Woman and has been a pillar behind his joy, while he has been an understanding husband who is of love to his wife, children and her family.

He thanked God for the 30 years journey of love blessed with five beautiful children which he said is worth celebrating with thanksgiving to God.

According to him as there’s no smooth running in the journey of any marital life but with God they have navigate through all undulating tempest.

. He said the understanding of each other has been the key to the success of the thirty years journey, as we are both from different homes, different background & mentoring and we tried enough to ensure a stable home.

Referring to the book of Psalms 127:1 “Except the LORD build the house, nobody can build it
and thanked God for sustaining the Glory of the marriage.

I Afolabi Oyekunle, a brother to the wife who witnessed the marriage 30years ago and also a friend and colleague of the husband at Radio Lagos wish the couple a more happy and prosperous marriage life.