December 7, 2023


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Nigerians advised to intensify prayers for the leaders and the nation.

By: Afolabi Oyekunle.

63years in the life of a nation should be a great landmark as it has come a long way.

Nigeria is 63years today, 1st October 2023 after gaining independence from Great Britain. However many Nigerians believe the country has not really deliver the expected expectations of an independent country, with insecurity, unemployment, rising inflammation, increase poverty and high cost of living.

These and many have made many to loose hope in the nation which has resulted in many relocating abroad and incidences of 4-1-9 and Yahoo fraud among the youths.

The question is what are the ways out?.

Speaking to CityExpressNews, The Great Prophet Olakunle Noah Olanayo, Founder of C@S Church of Zion, Agelaso, in Badagry, Lagos State said the only Deliverer is God Almighty, and called on Nigerians to intensify their prayers for the leaders and the nation.

Great Prophet Olanayo.

Prophet Olanayo

According to Prophet Olanayo, on it is the power of prayer by Nigerians that has sustain the nation, adding that prayers make the impossible possible.

He however advised the country leaders to be focused and endeavor to address the numerous challenges facing the nation and the people.

Prophet Olanayo called on the leaders to address the plight of the people and make life easy as many are suffering.

Prophet Olanayo whose Church recently celebrated its silver jubilee (25 years) said he started his ministry as a youth when he was still in the university but with the help of God and good people the church has been able to stand on the rock.

He said the beginning was tough as he faced many challenges but God who called him has been his helper and sustainance.

To Church Leaders he called on them to stand on their callings and not allow the storms or pleasure of life to distract them.

Prophet Olanayo whose ministry has helped many to address their problems said his goal in life is to make Heavens after this World.

He said one of his primary goals is to evangelist the gospel of Christ to make the people to realize the need to have God in their lives, this he said he has been doing and won people to Christ.