December 8, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

CaprizEatery food Restaurant managing Director Mrs. Lady Capriz Stella Duke Osagie, is the wife of Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie, whom God endowed with beauty and brain to behold.

The elegant, charming and charismatic hospitality icon, has many qualities that are no doubt playing serious roles to her success in her newly open eatery business.

In an interview with City Express News in her Abule Egba office in Lagos she said she cannot remember how her husband Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie toasted her and won her heart.

. “Just imagine me, who was the Queen and Beauty of no equal in those days when I was a single girl, I always wondered how he stole my heart”.


Unlike most women, she cannot remember how her husband was able to win heart.
She said that her husband, being a musician, she always patronised his musical concert performance in Lagos, but could not remember when the handsome man managed to toast her and she felll for him.

.‘I want to ask him again because, she was unable to remember the incident ‘my husband is extremely quiet type of a man but that does not mean he doesn’t know how to toast a woman.

But, seriously how he was able to swept my leg from the ground and win my heart? You know what, I gonna ask him how he was able to convinced me to marry him.

. Ours was a very interesting story that I am not ready to share with anyone right now.
She laughed. Speaking if motherhood has deprived her of anything in life at all,
, said I don’t think I would swap being a mother with anything in this world. I don’t think i would have change my mind, because I love children. You made me to remember my children in America again. I am always in contact with them. I don’t think they will even preferred to stay in Nigeria with this political situation and suffering.

Caprizsaid Eatery was set up by the greatest grace of God for divine solution for hunger in Nigeria.

As a product of destiny, Capriz Duke Osagie started her cosmetology business
in Lagos after returning from America where she spent 25 years as a cosmetologist and makeup Artist.

Apart from the Eatery food outfit she also founded a philanthropic organization and women empowerment program.

In America, her recognition knows no bound as a beautician in her youth days
she was an international model. The elegant stallion has added another cap to her profession.

Lady Capriz Stella Duke Osagie is a humanitarian just like her husband Ambassador Felix Duke
Osagie. The beautiful Amazon is soaring high like an Eagle.

The Jovia and smooth talker, her
eatery restaurant is a great demand for customers, she is a woman of desirable quality.

Praises should also go to Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie, who was able to build an empire around such
a beautiful, wonderful and society lady of substance.

She told City Express News in an exclusive interview that there are many identity
issues facing business in Africa ranging from registration of business, as most young business find
themselves crumbling under the frustrations.

She has decided to set up Capriz Eatery
food restaurant to cure the hunger of many Nigerians.

“In America, Eatery food business is a big
business. But in Nigeria too much hunger, with no money to buy the needed food. Her plan is to open up in other states .

Her experience in America for past 25 years made her to opened Capriz Eatering Restaurant in
Nigeria”. As an American citizen I have learnt at lot, you do not wait for your husband to do every
responsibility at home. ‘A woman is a helper according to the Bible”, my husband is a man of God
who the Lord has been using to heal, deliver people from Captivity. My beloved husband.

Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie is a deliverance Minister of God and the General Overseer based in
Abule egba, Lagos State Nigeria.