December 8, 2023


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I am tested, trusted, and most qualified to rule Edo State…. Monday Eboigbe

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Barrister Monday Eboigbe (aka) MONEB, is a man of many parts, a jack of several trades,and a master of exhibition. He is a grass root, politician and an accomplished lawyer, brilliant, a great farmer, business administrator, a culture promoter, entrepreneur, and quintessential speaker.

His inspiring story is that every young man should be a rare person with
very genuine, down-to-earth humility, disarming quietness and serenity of mind.

A chieftain of Labour Party (LP), He is passionate about fairness, justice, and the welfare of Edo State always in his mind

It is clear that his parents saw this from his birth as a child destined to achieve greatness, hence the names Monday Eboigbe (MONEB. The man with
a Lion heart, is a driving force in Edo State politics.

The essence of the story rests on the fact that whatever the premonitions of greatness, the greatness only become manifest, reality, through hard work. In every generation,there are a few people in life,whom we have met, the same spirit,
and power of patriotism.

Monday moves with grace, poise, humility and dignity, yet, he will greet everyone he comes across, irrespective of age, or knowledge of the person.

Barrister Eboigbe, can’t walk in to any gathering without being noticed,despite his being quiet and humble, but outspoken and soft-spoken.


The aura and the magnificent of the way he walks gives one the chance to see class, taste, opulence and quitessence in the man MONEB. Eboigbe

Barrister Monday Eboigbe in this no holds
barred interview with the Editor-in-chief of CityExpressNews Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye,
speaks on a wide range of inspiring story, including his involvement in politics over 32 years.

Eboigbe is regarded as a
disciplinarian and is often invited by other parents in Irrua community to administer discipline to their own children.

As a result, he became a father figure to many in the wider family. He always placed group interest above personal interest.

The only unique about Monday Eboigbe is a child of promise,and his father blessed him in childhood, that his son would shake the world without telling his people how the little child would shake the world.

The father was not a soothsayer but his prophecy began to manifest publicly after several years he passed on, when Barrister Monday Eboigbe boasted that he is going to be the next Governor of Edo State.

The seasoned technocrat, Eboigbe said that he is passionate about development of Edo State for the sake of justice and fairness to all and the welfare of the state.

Eboigbe has a deep loathing for injustice, that is one of the reasons, he is genuinely humble to become Governor of Edo State.

According to Barrister Eboigbe, “My ambition to attain the pinnacle
of voyage into the uncertain world of politics, is not to compound the problem of Edo State, but to solve political storms of the state. “Because, I am not a political novice or a neophyte in Governance am fully prepared to rule Edo State.”