December 8, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The Sango-Ota Ogun State Divisional Police Officer (DPO) CSP Saleh Dahiru, is
an extraordinary operational Police officer with Lion heart. His unique approach to policing which
is set on the global best standard in the sango-ota community has earned him a number of awards including the best DPO in Ogun state. He has charged his officers to go for the best performance

CSP Dahiru is a strategist and crime fighting wizard, he has reiterated the readiness to change his tactics and strategy to get all the criminals arrested for various offenses
“Oh God forgive those criminals going to jail in my name, Allah will hear my prayer
because I have warned them to relocate from Sango-Ota, Ogun state to elsewhere when I assumed duty as the DPO Sango Ota.”
According to DPO Saleh Dahiru, when the music changes, so does the dance change your trategies when there is a need. I have to change my former operational system tactics and strategies when there is a need.

Police Image

Super cop and no Nonsense CSP Dahiru has quashed armed robbers different operations successful without losing any of his officers in gun, battle with them.

A confident, sharp witted and extremely generous personality of Saleh is a self-made man who rose to the eminent rank of chief superintendent of police by dint of hard work.

CSP Dahiru said that is why Sango-Ota Police station is one of the best in the country. As long as you stay in
a group, the Lion will stay hungry, when you move in the company of successful people, you cannot fail.

I have a deeply religious and God fearing Area commander like, ACP Mohammed Sani.

The Area Command Sango-Ota, Ogun state said we are in synergy among others

Saleh Dahiru said, “ a great leader is the one who can show people that their self interest is different from that which they perceive.

ACP Mohammed Sani, the Sango-Ota area commander, told City Express News
that the command, will not relent in fighting crimes and criminality.

The Amiable pleasant, unassuming
and a good team builder of high repute, said that his police officers are ever ready to sustain onslaught against criminals in the command.

He charged his men to intensify intelligence policing against criminals.
The job of detecting crime and chasing criminals is a passion to CSP Saleh Dahiru

The DPO Sango-Ota cherishes ensuring a secure and safe society. The dogged and rugged DPO
was instrumental to the arrest of various armed robbers terrorizing Agbara, at its environs in Ogun state when he was the DPO of Agbara Divisional Police Officers.

He has led team of
officers like SP Edward Okosun, Inspector Peter Oluwale and others to the crack hard-hearted robbers gant that made area uncomfortable for criminals.

CSP Saleh Dahiru is also a community
policing officer, a rugged crime fighter, who with his wealth of knowledge/training
skills within and outside the country has been able to distinguish himself as a professional/career senior
police gallant officer of international repute.

He has been to different courses on Human Rights,
Advanced security and crime prevention
Some people joined police force for reason and gains, but for Saleh Dahiru he is doing
it for service to humanity and his hunger for excellence job, which takes pre-eeminence.

All others however naturally follow, as directed by Allah, (God).

The people of Sango-Ota, Ogun state
cherish what the DPO is doing in term of crimes waves. It is in line of principles upon which City
Express News is established and in our attempt to always extend honour to whom it is due that
the contributions and crime fighting,with leadership acume, that City Express News
organization has decided to honoured him as the most performing friendly,and best DPO of the year in Ogun state.