December 8, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye
Hon Manzear Ehibhiator, is a young new breed politician and a man of
significance, and gladiator of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of Edo State.

He said the new chairman Hon Imhangbelo is a driven force with human face, hard working and dedicated to
service which has placed him among the best .
He therefore called for necessary support to the present local government chairman of Esan South East area chairman, Hon
Lovis Imhandegbelo.

Esan South East LG Chairman

The versatile and Local Government image maker, Hon Ehibhiator
described, Hon. Imhandegbelo as a visionary leader, courageous man, who is
determined to give the people of the area a new lease of life.

He told City Express News in an interview
that Honourable Imhandegbelo is in the fore front since assumption of the present office.
According to Hon. Manzear Ehibhiator, the new Local Government chairman,Hon.
Imhandegbele, had credibly performed and served in different capacities in Edo State where he
where he complement the effort of the state Government as well as contributed to the success of this present
administration which earned him the current position as the chairman of Esan
South local government area council. Honourable Ehibhiator, also acknowledge Hon. Imhandegbelo ability to carry
everybody along to discharge there duty which had strengthened the unity of the
people especially his party (PDP) in the area, within the short period, he has started the innovation of
the Local Government area doing good.
“I am totally convinced that he is determine to make difference, Hon Imhandgbele is
robust in current in every area of administrative council. Let us support him to ensure peace and
stability which will enhance the development of the area. On behalf of Emu community, we
salute your tenacity of purpose and your believe in God using the follies of the world to confound
to confound the wise in the world, we say a big congratulations to you on the effect your success will
bring to Esan South East Local Government area of Edo state PDP. “

Chairman and his image maker.

This is another plus to the
Democratic Transformation of Governor Godwin Obaseki. The just concluded Local
election in Edo State is a clear indication of what to expect in 2024 Edo State Governorship election.
The test runs for the good Governance of Governor Godwin Obaseki is gradually
manifesting to the people of Edo State as no amount of compromise can ever
change their perception again, your Excellency Mr. Godwin Obaseki, your Victory is a Victory to all members
of peoples Democratic Party worldwide and to all Edolities, and Nigerians who believe in good governance.
To whom much is given, much is expected make your manifesto your manual to
reposition this enviable Esan, South East Local Government area and State to its position as
Heart Beat of the Nation. Don’t relent on your promises. You have done it again, we believe that
you will do it again, yes, we believe we can win Edo State Governorship election.
I personally congratulate you once again for making the Party proud and also the good people of Edo State
for standing on the path of truth. We wish you the blessings of almighty God as you
lead the people to recover their past glories, the pride of every PDP members today to stand tall in any
gathering of human endeavour is the result of the transformation achievements of great leader
like you. A man who has made these enviable achievement needs our felicitations and
commendations at all time as a means of testimonies for your good work. We need also to continue to pray for the success of the administration.