December 8, 2023


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By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

Superintendent of Police SP Aduroja Akinola is currently the Divisional PoliceOfficer DPO) Makinde Police Station in Lagos State.

SP Aduroja

Some Police Officers are born great,
some joined the ranks for either the discipline or the beauty of uniform or for the love of the service while others
joined for the money and pecuniary gains.

But SP Aduroja Akinola said that he is
doing it for service to humanity and his hunger for excellence, ” I want to make Nigeria police to be proud of
me and forget misconception of police officers that take bribe.”

SP Aduroja Akinola is a friend of
the media for recognizing and appreciating the police force whose officers and men
daily risk their limbs and lives in what is generally regarded as a thank less job. We We are more concerned
by the cleaning, enforcement of law and order in Lagos state. The former tracker of The former Special Anti
Robber squad (SARS). said.

.Bearing all the attendant risks against the notorious armed robbers, likes
Abbey alias Godogodo, Odun and host of others, he is one of DCP Abba Kyari strongman.
The Police super Cop, crime fighter, SP Akinola told City Express News in a chat,
why he is very passionate about Police duty.

He knows why, he joined Nigeria Police
force not for the sake of making money but to change the misconception about the corruption in the force.

The antecedents and crime prevention protection of lives and property.
In Makinde Oshodi area of Lagos State is tasking and it demand man power.
SP Akinola performance so far in less than two weeks is no longer a question that he perfectly fit for the job of a DPO.

Let hear from him why a young graduate who joined Nigeria Police Force
➢(CEN) why did you joined Nigeria Police as a graduate? Knowing very well that
police have a bad name in society (AA) “I have never seen any organization better than police force in
Nigeria”. Nigeria Police Force is the least corrupt organization and most performing
force in Nigeria in terms of crime prevention and lives protection and property.

➢(CEN) What role has Oshodi community contributed to help you and your men in
tackling major security challenges?

(AA) The people of Oshodi community are
very friendly and corporate by given police useful information about criminals activities in the area. For
logistics and man power the Lagos State command led by CP Idowu Owohunwa
has been very supportive with Lagos State Governor, His Excellency BabajideSanwolu.
➢What has been the responses from Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP
Idowu Owohunwa’s support? I have expressed my satisfaction with the level of preparedness of
crime waves and tackling of criminalities in Lagos State with the support of Logistics and
patrol vehicles on daily bases by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police
➢(CEN) As intelligent brilliant and young super Cop, you were made the officer-in-
change of the special Anti-Robbery squad (SARS) in Elemoron area of Ajah of Lagos
State the difference between the two appointment?

(AA) To be a DPO is more tasking and


require comitment due to administrative human resources and crime prevention.
You must attend to many issues on daily bases as a DPO. For 24/7 you must be alert.
➢(CEN) Tell us about yourself, why you joined police as a graduate?

(AA) I joined Nigeria
Police Force for the Love of beautiful Uniform and to change the misconception of police
of Police as bad, corrupt and bribe collector. As for me police force in Nigeria are best in the world.
Most decent discipline and competent among other organization “I am number
one example. “I love Police job with passion and happily married and blessed
with beautiful and handsome children. It was in recognition of my outstanding records of hard work and
diligence to duty, that CP Idowu Owohunwa deployed me to IBA Police Station as the DPO, and now Makinde Oshodi

➢(CEN) So far, how has the journey been as crime fighter? Well, I thank God so far,
Oshodi Environment is safe for foreign, local investors and all people I am experiencing God’s presence in
Oshodi and Lagos State command. He assures the general public that the Iba area, Lagos
area of Lagos state is peaceful more than before, CP Idowu Owohunwa with IGP Egbetokun’s
restoration agenda, which is guided by philosophy of “Zero tolerances for crime
and criminality” is well accepted by all players,including statutory agencies.
➢(CEN) What are your tactical approach to get all these notorious cultists operating in

(AA) Due to economic activities going on at area, crime and criminals took
the advantage to do more damages at black spot. I have to bring out new strategies to meet the new ones as they come.

➢(CEN)You are one of the youngest DPO in Lagos State, how do you cope with other
superior officers?

(AA) Loyalty, humble and respect is my watch words for them. Crime
Reporters Association of Nigeria (CRAN) and Nigerians society can bear witness to
my goodness and performance with crime prevention, protection of lives and property.
I was at Lagos State special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) as Deputy superintendent of
Police DSP in –charge of Administration and Tracker when he was transferred to Elemeron Ajah
Lagos as the officer-in-charge of special Anti-Robbery squad, reign supreme as a
terror to Armed Robbers in area of Lekki and Ajah of Lagos. “When I was promoted
to the rank of superintendent SP of Police and transferred as operation officer in Area “E” command of
festac Town of Lagos, I was celebrated as number one enemy to criminals in Lagos State.
An exaggeration that police work, for their own money is false in my case. I love
Police uniform that is all not money.