December 7, 2023


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Serious Allegations against Senior police officer.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye
Armed Robbery syndicate that specializes in dispossessing victims every of their
properties and money are on rampage in Benin City, Edo State.

There is also serious allegations
against one SP Godspower Osagie, former FIB-IRT Unit Benin City, of involving in N10 Million Bribe scandal in a bid to free criminal gang with 11 AKA 47, other Dangerous Arms in Edo State.

A superintend of Police (SP) In former IGP’s force intelligence Bureau intelligence Response Team FIB-IRT at the
Edo State Police command is currently enmeshed in a controversial plot to abort an on going investigation of a criminal gang smashed for gun-running after catchment of 11 AK-47 I SMG 4 pump-action rifles. Two (2) double –barrel guns and one black unregistered BMW X5 Jeep
operational vehicle were allegedly recovered from the armed gang.

Reliable sources confided with City Express News that another police “Iyamu” is back to Benin-City in Edo state.
The Odionwere elders, leaders and the people of Oke-Oma village in Ikpoba-Okha
Local Government area of Edo State have accused one SP Godspower Osagie of the Rapid respond and
intelligence squad of the Edo State police command of allegedly using thugs armed with AK 47, pump action gun and other dangerous weapons in terrorizing the community in Benin City.

Some robbers arrested have also made useful confession that SP Godspower is a thief in uniform.
Eldionwere Gaius Emokpae, an incurable optimist and a community leader, who has
inspired many youths in achieving their dreams, both academically and financially,
has abandoned his Oke-Oma village in Benin City because of Armed gang of Terrorist working with
SP Godspower Osagie who allegedly gave them gun and weapons to robbed.
Some of the suspected cultists and armed robbers activities in Benin City is a such that sends shivers down
one’s spine and their bravado at unleashing terror in Edo State, Googlethe name SP Godspower
Osagie in internet formerly working withDCP Abba Kyari who is now in Mkuye Prison Abuja.
Osagie has involved with several cases, compromised with criminals to Sabotage on gang police
investigation at Alagbon Ikoyi Lagos.

One suspect: Kelley Eloghosa “M” made a confessional
statement admitted that he was of the robbery gang that killed the community chief security
officer (CSO) with AK 47 recently in a church in Amagba area, in Benin City, that
one king pin Austine Awotu popularly known as 99 was the gang leader in that operations but escaped. One
of the notorious suspect Kelley Eleghoghosa AKA (Kiriku) INFORMANT EFESA IDEMUDIA with
GSM No 07062481065. Austin99 led the gang team of robbers to attack Ago-court village via
Obagie Ne-Evbo-Osa Community. They collected two pump action gun used by the police force.
Some of the cases and the names of the criminals suspects arrested and others at large were
given as Endurance Omorege aka Ajala who owned up to having 3 AK 47 riffles, 2 pump action
guns and 2 double barrel guns: Romeo with AK 47 riffles, Osakpanwan 2 AK 47 Konky 2 AK 47,
and a beretta, Stanley Osayande was said to be in possession of I SMG Rifle and I pump action
gun, and Festus Ekenaiye Edegbe with I Barreta Pistol plus ammunition’s recovered along side
with one black operational vehicle of unregistered BMWX 5 Jeep. Also one Toyota highlander
Jeep was recovered from Endurance Omorege and one Ogbeifun Anthony Oseghale who were
arrested in a hotel hideout somewhere in Ekenwan Edegbe contact phone –No numbers were
given as follows: 070454663772, 08130680105, while that of Osakpamwama simply goes as

  1. There was several allegations against SP Godspower Osagie, putting pressure on
    investigating officer (IPO) to paraded a robbersand released on balled. According to the
    Edionwele. Pa Giaus Emokpae, the Community head leader, the community secretary General,
    Mr. Monday Omorogiuwa and the plot Allotment committee chairman of the village, the petition
    by the people of Oke-Oroma village to Edo State Government and the inspector general of police
    IGP Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun. The statement read thus we the people and indigene of Oke
    Oroma village / community in Ikpoba Okha local government Area of Edo State getting through
    their Odionwere/village Head Pa Giaus Emokpae and other principal members of the village /
    community vide Monday Omorogiuwa and other are disappointed over the police corruption in
    Edo State. Police in Edo State, sets suspects free after been paraded before press men as
    criminals, Giaus Omokpae, former central bank director, a man of tangible integrity

ptold CityExpressNews at FCIID Alagbon Ikoyi Lagos that they have written several, Petitions with no
Pa Giaus Emokpae said, the cup of Edo herdsman or Terrorist is full and he will be brought
to book very soon. I have been fighting injustice, manipulators, rogues and thieves in
Government, talkless of SP Godspower Osagie, Etinosa, a small boy of yesterday. They have
sacked us from our ancestors native home in Benin City, Edionwele in Benin is second to king
just like Baale in Yoruba land. Despite his voodooism and fetish agenda and money he is using
God will soon exposed him as second Iyamu. Giaus Emokpae,who had formulated a definite
philosophy of business relations with his community after retirement from Nigeria Central Bank,
said that his community is under siege by cultists, robbers and criminals pleading that the
Government of Edo State and InspectorGeneral of Police has not help the matter. The criminals
are still terrorism the community despite several complained to the Edo State Government and
past inspector General of Police, no one has responded to the community positively. Pa Emokpae
is calliasssng the acting Inspector General of Police IGP Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun, and Dr.
Solomon Arase, chairman of Police service commission for intervention.