December 8, 2023


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I don’t know why God chooses me for his work…… Pastor Momoh

By: Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Pastor Samuel Momoh is the founder and General overseer of God path-way
covenant centre, he is blessed with a fantastic leadership which is epitomized with brilliance and sagacity.
Perhaps, it is necessary to disclose that the name of the God path-way covenant centre was
revealed to the General overseer during his encounter with God on the Mountain few years ago in Lagos.

Last week, City Express News had a chat with prophetic pastor, Samuel Momoh at
his office at God path-way covenant centre, No 15, Odunmorayo street, Moshalashi, area of Lagos state.
And he told us his success story. He is a gifted prophet and one of the most
blessed and renowned pastor of gospel. Many don’t know that Pastor Sam Momoh is a Muslim by birth, his
father was ordained Imam and the man of God studied Islam. He practiced Islam
deeply until God arrested him, since then the Lord has been using him as vessel in vineyard, he is more
prophetic than a Pastor, His conversion from Muslim to Christian, goes beyond
human understanding.

The anointed man of God,with a difference and uncommon gift, Samuel Momoh,
who is regarded specially as “a prophet, Evangelist, Teacher and Preacher of the word of God
is married to his amiable wife, Prophetess Momoh.

God path-way covenant centre is
committed to “the revival of Apostolic signs, Holy ghost fireworks and the
unlimited destronstration of the power of God to deliver to the uttermost” to be specific, the God path-way
covenant centre places great emphasis on signs, wonders, salvation, miracles and
other Apostolic acts. “I was on my own enjoying things of the world, as a Muslim and I was formally
called Zakari Mohammed, from Ipaku in Adavi Local Government area of Kogi State.
He said that his father married three wives, while his mother who was the first wife, had eleven (11) boys
but lost ten (10) He is the only surviving son of all the mother’s children. Every member of his father
children are still Muslim faithful today except the chosen one, Sam Momoh.

A visionary man of God and the people.

“When I Samuel was very young, I was Iimbued with wisdom beyond my age, but a stubborn child”.
Pastor Momoh said, that he was reluctant to take Pastor title after God called him to
the Pastoral Ministry because of a lot of sin and atrocity.

Sam noted that, he is one of the
controversial muslim teacher that persecuted Christians like Apostle Paul in the Bible “A kind of guy that is
always in the news for the wrong reason.
According to Samuel, those who know him as a bad type in those days later saw him
after encounted with Christ Jesus.

There is a great difference and he glorified the Grace of God in his life