December 8, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Colonel David Imuse (Rtd) APC Chieftain and Edo State APC Chairman, is a man
distinguished by selflessness and hard work to make Edo State great again.

In this interview he shared his thoughts
on Edo 2024 Election, what went wrong in the past and why he wants
to rescue Edo from political slavery, manipulation and turned the state to Economics prosperity of Nigeria.

He is trusted, tested and proactive to conquered under APC platform for 2024
election. He is God-fearing, a patriot, a quintessential,medical doctor trained at
the University of Benin. A former student’s union leader at both students Representative
Council and secretary General, UNIBEN Students union Government.

A retired accomplished military officer. He is an intellectual and a brilliant, intelligent,
vibrant scholar of the first rate. He led a life of distinction and clinically proven ability
which made him chairman of APC Edo State.

David Imuse.

The former Army Senior Officer, Col. David
Imuse, a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and season grass root politician, said Edo must be free.

Col (Dr) David Imuse told City Express News in an exclusive interview that Edo
2024 Governorship election is going to be tough and rough but the winner is no other
Person than himself. In the expectation of Col. Imuse, and it affects Edo State, he is capable of
playing multifarious roles simultaneously,competent administration diplomacy, defense of
social justice,friendship of businessmen and labour, strong belief and commitment
to the fundamental principles of accommodation of opinions.

To Dr. David Imuse, the next
Governor of Edo State must see himself as the servant of the people and not the
master, he must be fully prepared to live and act within the law and not above it. T

That is the main
reason why he has decided to contest for this post since he has all it takes. To him,
a little contributions here, a little there, Edo State and Nigeria shall be happier places for us to live in.

According to Col. Imuse, the great David that killed Goliath said, that the annals of
history are endowed with individuals who overcome discouragement and climbed
from fundamental basis upon which we could erect the solid achievements of Esan Land. Colonel David Imuse within this space of time has proved to APC party that
no other person in the party can beat him in the primary. In all the fields of human endeavours, he has
demonstrated to all that he is a young administrative entity of no mean integrity. , Col. Imuse is a man of the people needed to shape the political
destiny of the Edo State,come 2024, because of his honesty and dedication to what is noble
and just. He is a man of the people who has chosen dialogue, equity, justice, openness,
accountability and above all, the fear of God as his guiding principles and philosophy of life.
In response to the yearning of the good people of Edo, Imuse has offered himself to serve the people

A charismatic, intelligent distinguished disciplined officer, humane, amiable game changer said he knows the game of Edo better than others. David Imuse told City Express News that
he is a man of vision, with huge touch of ideas, a periscope for state rebirth, a man
who have to do so much for APC party both state and national level. He noted that
he has the quality to serve and make Edo great. According to Imuse, I am only praying for the APC
party to support me during primary because already known his intention and
what he is aspiring for, all I need is your prayers. “I have subsequently announced my decision
to participate in the Edo State Party politics and democracy, because according to him, he was
made to understandthat the party contains people of refined caliber, both old and new
breed politicians who believe in the principles of the emancipation of people.
He wants APC to endorse or nominate him as the flag bearer in the Gubernatorial election in 2024. I do
not care who come from PDP party and Labour party (LP) in the general election. In
the past, he was assigned many responsibilitiesn that eventually prepared him for this present
exalted position as APC party Edo State chairman. This is pay back for good work
for the party. I am not here to condemned the work of Governor Godwin Obaseki but
to show Edolites that the true David that killed Goliath has come to turned the state Economics, prosperity around for an international standard.