December 8, 2023


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Why Obaseki successor must be Esan.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye2024:

Time for An Esan Governor in Edo State has come at long last.

Obaseki and two of the contestants.

As Edolite political elite, and the people whose occupation it is to watch their comings and going’s, begin to fine –tune their calculations ahead of the year 2024 –when the state will embark on yet another round of election –the vered question of which of the three geo –political zone, Edo North, south and Edo central deserves to have one of it’s own occupy the highest office in the state Edo State is gradually coming to the forefront of state discourse once again.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

As Governor Godwin Obaseki embarked on a new and challenging career in politics, he is being supported and strengthened by his party members Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The route to produce his successor was not going to be easy task it could proved difficult journey, and diversions as well as a combination of merit and luck.

Governor Godwin Obaseki felt that Edo political environment was going to be easy mission to accomplish ordained by God from time to time. He also emphasized that, “Even if you have money can only control to a certain extent your immediate environment as some members of his party have betrayed him by chosen to run in another party without consulting him. Edo’s brand of democracy –characterized as it is by twin pillars of ethnicity and religion –the argument over which ethnic nationality ought to produce the next occupant of Osadebe House is an all important one indeed, and in the coming days, months and less a year this question and argument will be conducted with no small amount of passion the kind of passion that tends to generate more hear than light.

To ask the question more bluntly whose turn is it to rule Edo State Governor Obaseki has already answered the question that Esan is next.

Governor, Godwin Obaseki is a man to celebrate. He’s the Governor serious people want to emulate. The call for an Esan Governor –or in the euphemistic Language of some Esan leaders, Edo Central extraction –is expected to gain many sympathizers as well detractors for the sympathizers, it is simply a matter of justice, equity and fair play, the Esan they say, must be made to feel a sense of belonging and of being equal stakeholders in the Edo enterprise and there can be no better time that 2024.

Esan people have fully come out with self –determination not recognition. The right of every region is to feel that they belong to Edo State.If Edo must be a reality, why should they be recognizing Esan now?When it comes to commissioners, special Assistant and personal Assistance and chairman of the party why must it be so? Why must they continue down grading Esan people Governor, Godwin Obaseki must be right in his calculation that Esan, Edo central must be the next Governor of Edo State. Who wears Prof. Ambrose Ali’s big Shoes? Nobody in Esan land imposes himself on the people. The people will make their choice when time comes. Prof. Ambrose Ali did not do that, the people themselves acclaimed him and accepted him. Governor, Godwin Obaseki has the right to chose his successor. Governor Obaseki must chose an agent of transformation to be his successor. Esan people must support and cooperate with Governor Godwin Obaseki’s choice and forget the sentiment of party.

What we are looking for in Sokoto state is already in Sokoto throuser. We need Esan Governor and Governor Obaseki have provide a new breed politician and a mobilizer. A self made man who joined partisan politics as an avenue to contribute to the well being of Edo State. A man who has over the years established himself as a champion of youth empowerment.

Governor. Godwin Obaseki and Senator Adams Oshiomole have made U-turn to support Edo
central, Esan Extraction after much political debate in Edo State. Let us support Godwin
Obaseki because Edo State has always be PDP State right from time before the arrival of Senator Adams Oshiomole time. Let us follow the person who know the road better. Let us
take a look the battles Governor Obaseki has won since he came to power. He has defeated
Adams Oshiomole, and president Bola Amhed Tinubu with all his connection and
bullion vans. He defeated former president Muhammed Buhari and his own dangerious Deputy
comrade Philip Shuibu.

If Esan missed this golden opportunity posterity will judge us.
Local Government election conducted in Edo State is a big lesson to us. PDP swept
all. Let us reason together and support his choice of Esan candidate.